Aloha and Welcome

Maeva and Namaste, thankyou for joining us….

This is the first blog post for the Virtual home of Noha’s Ark, the Ark dedicated to life, love, consciousness and the Path..

Noha’s Ark is the modern version of life in sanctuary during chaotic times. We are an Ark of light, traveling the frequencies of love, Kin under arm, the essence of our rivers blood running through us, energy from our gardens produce, breath from our beautiful clean air, magic from the stars above and within.

I’m creating this space to share our life in more detail, an intimate experience for those that would like to know us, see us and feel us through our stories, images, videos and our daily life… We live in Bundjalung country, a Northern NSW Wilderness, on the BIG island the White Fella’s call Australia.  Because of our isolation it’s difficult for friends and family to visit, so to make amends you can visit us here anytime from the comfort of your armchair. You will have to make your own tea and scones though to fully appreciate the experience.

Come visit us for a Garden Party, Healing retreat, Wilderness Bushwalk, Fossicking, Horse Adventures, fresh water Fishing and Canoeing, Healing and Detox Retreats, Bio-Spiritual Permaculture courses, Massage, or Time Out. For more information you can email us at

I hope to update the website regularly as we work very hard, have loads to share and would love feedback and collaboration. So join us in anyway you can!

Let there be Light, Rainbow, Tree, Water, Bird, and Man

The Earth and Humanity are transitioning from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian age, from linear industrial life and living, towards a circular wholistic space of consciousness and way of being. Integral towards World Peace, Unity in Diversity, Ecological Community, and Love, Noha’s Ark is cleaning up the pain, the Karma that others unconsciously created.

The pain and chaos that surrounds much of our planetary life at this time is evident in many ways, yet we are here to remind you that the darkness is simply the highlight that surrounds our light.. The light that shines in each of us is getting brighter, each breath we have the opportunity to share more compassion, more peace, more harmony and balance, we have the choice, we all-ways did.. So choose and breathe wisely my dear friends and traveling companions.. We will share here with you our tools and crystal wisdomz to help and heal, to love and unite, so stay tuned, walk as ONE and shine with us the Rainbow of life that we all are…

We are Children of the Sun on the way home, sadly however many people have forgotten this knowledge and understanding. We will shine the way ahead for you, remind you, inspire you and provide pathways for you to live the life of your dreams. The power rests in the palms of your hands, the warmth of your heart, the sacred 7 directions and the sacred 7 generations, your Intuition and Intent.. It’s time to wake up@@!

Inlakesh Noha


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