Winter Wonderland

The winter weather has been totally beautiful, cool clean and crisp nights, many frosts, and many many stars! Then the morning comes and the sun pokes out over the mountains and through the clouds, warming up the Earth and sending powerful light/love energy to be soaked up by everything in its path.. I have lost count how many times we have said “another day in paradise“, and indeed everyday is so magical and beautiful, paradise does exist everyday, we just need to acknowledge, appreciate, help, heal and garden. As Above, So Below, as Within…

The frost has claimed many plants and trees that I unknowing planted in exposed spots, and/or others that were in good spots but still have suffered the bitter end of a cold cold night.. Gone is the Mango, Banana’s, Pawpaw’s, Blue Quondong, Passionfruit, Pigeon Pea, Davidson plum, tomato’s and some herbs.. Very sad, but natures way, I will lock it into the experience box and prepare better next year..

Many things are actually growing really well however, the Kale is loving it, apparently the frost increases it’s flavor, how wonderful! The carrots and beetroot are not effected, and producing some of the most juiciest crunchy treats you can imagine. I have never really had success with carrots and gave up, until recently. I self sowed the seeds over freshly mounded compost and soil, trying as best I could to make sure it was as loose as possible. Low and behold they sprouted, I thinned them out, composted again and mulched them. And Viola’, la Carrot, how very special!

It’s also time to harvest and collect seed. Conditions have been reletivly dry, so the seeds from Borage, Rocket and Chamomile are ripe and ready for saving. Seed growing/preserving, collecting and saving is often the forgotten and/or neglected part of gardening, however it is sooo very important, requiring a keen eye, good sense of timing, delicate skills and commitment.. There is nothing like saving your own seed, and replanting when the seasons right, or sharing them with friends. The seeds become acclimatized and suited to your own garden and Space of Love. It is so amazing to comprehend that from one tiny seed grows a big and beautiful plant that gives so much to the natural eco-system and ourselves, and from this one seed, how many more will follow?

The Market Garden beds are getting prepared for Spring planting. We made 28 composts a couple moonths ago, a daily ritual from New Moon to New Moon. The compost will be ready to sprinkle over the beds in Spring, adding more mulch and tiny seedlings and seeds, ready for one of the most abundant growing periods of the year… I am making at least 28 raised beds to plant into, this I feel will provide enough food to share/sell, while having an abundance to feed myself, mainly living and eating out of the garden.

Food prices are soaring, but besides that food bought in shops has nowhere the nutritional or spiritual qualities of home grown delicacies picked fresh daily.. The food you have grown is acclimatised to your seasons and life, the natural cycles and rhythms that you are living in, integrating the essence of your air, starlight, sunlight, wind, water and Earth.. Nothing compares to eating food you have tended to and cared for, the energy and life force present is something to behold, you don’t have to eat much and you are not only full and content, but full of life!

Until we meet again my friend, happy hands in the Earth!

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