Australia ~ The ‘GodFull’ Country

When we were in Tahiti recently a young Tahitian asked where we were from, we said “Australia”, and he replied “Oh you have a Big Island!” And indeed we do, one of the most ancient and stable land masses on the planet, along with one of the most ancient and sacred cultures, estimated by some to go back 60 000 years… This Cultural and Earth history is quite astonishing really and something to really contemplate and appreciate. Listen to the sound of a living local Angel while viewing (GGY is blind BTW) some images of this beautiful place. Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu Wiyathul

“This land was never given up
This land was never bought and sold
The planting of the union jack
Never changed our law at all
Now two river run their course
Seperated for so long
I’m dreaming of a brighter day
When the waters will be one”

Stemming from ancient Lemurian culture and spirituality, Australia is a very special continent, and as Diana Cooper in her book “2012 and Beyond” sees, “there is not too much karma for this country to clear. This is in part due to the way Aborigines honored the land for centuries and that accumulated positive energy there”. She goes on to say “Uluru is a huge interdimensional portal”, that “will become the main welcome portal for spaceships and beings to this universe, bringing huge benefits to this area of the world. Many Star children from other Planets or Universes, who understand the importance of intergalactic travel and communication will incarnate here”

This land was only colonized/invaded by outsiders in the year 1770, where “Captain James Cook claims possession of the whole east coast of Australia for the British Crown” creativespirits. It’s not a long history of European settlement considering the vast time-span that the locals have been here for, yet what a devastating impact it has been. Obviously Europeans have a lot to learn about sustainability, peace and spirituality, hence why the mystic Mayan sage Dr Jose’ Arguelles, suggested at the ‘Prophets Conference’ in Canada I attended in August 2010, that Australia was a “Godless Country”. Never-the-less Australia still maintains so much majesty and beauty, sanctuary and peace, diversity and abundance, held strong through the fibers of holy and sacred areas, rituals and stories, the Dreamtime as the ‘locals’ call it, that came from the rainbow, the ‘Rainbow Snake’.. Image courtesy of

“The Rainbow Snake is a creature from Aboriginal mythology.
This mythology says that in the beginning the earth was flat, featureless and grey. Then came the Dreamtime when giant creatures rose up from the plains. They looked like animals or plants or insects but behaved just like humans.
The greatest of all these beings took the form of the Rainbow Snake. The movement of his huge multicolored body across the land formed the mountains and the rivers that flow to the ocean. By lifting his tail he makes rainbows.”

Most ‘Australian’s’ are very much out of touch with sacred space, ancient story, and tribal culture, perceiving and enacting the very real thought and way that this land is economic and political only, a modern convict settlement, hence ‘Godless’.. Many born in Australia inevitably leave for foreign lands to live and raise families because they find culture and beauty in landscapes that are either new and dynamic, or blessed with cultural heritage and lifestyle that is dearly missing amongst Australian life and living. However this romantic vision is right under our noses, is it not polite and caring to tend to your own backyard, to heal and nurture what was taken/stolen, to renew and reinvigorate this Ancient land and people?

Beyond the niceties of caring for the land and people there are real gifts to behold, presents that develop and grow from Ancient ties to Great Spirit, to land that is stable and prepared for the coming Earth Changes. The Local Bundjulung have seen the Tsunamis come deep into country before, and it is well known that BIG waves are once again coming and the mountains of the Great Divide are one of the few places on Earth that are safe. Within these mountains lie rich deposits of the Earths most precious metal, ‘Gold’, what Alchemists, Seers and Visionaries know to be the Sun, the almighty IAM IAM, IZIZ, distilled and holding Sacred Energy.

The time has come to shine like the Sun, to vibrate with the frequency of the Rainbow Tribe, to connect with local culture, and to rehabilitate the land with forest and Eco-system. I see my horses taking me far and wide, exploring this land and sharing with locals this dream and vision to reinstall the true identity of this Sacred Ancient land as the ‘GodFull’ land it is, a land of Gods and Goddess’s, beauty and magic beyond our wildest dreams..

Stay tuned as I update the site to share this vision that is coming through the power of horse, the re-connection to Divine Culture and Paradise..

An interesting story I heard this morning relating to my vision is the Australian Bushranger, those that chose “Liberty over Death“, freedom from oppression, who lived in the wilderness in sanctuary and adventure during the early convict and European settlements and takeovers. It’s time to rekindle the modern Bush Ranger, the Wayseers who live in the Wilderness, holding light frequencies of truth and honor, stabilizing the planet, sharing this way and path with those stuck in the system, offering real choice and real livelihood from the mainstream ‘Godless’ path, to the Rainbow path and tribe.

“From the first runaway convicts to the spectacular Hollywood style show down that ended Ned Kelly’s career, the history of Australian bushrangers is compelling. But how have we come to revere these bad boys of the bush as heroes and has a little bit of bushranger culture stayed with us in modern Australian society? Journalist and author Evan McHugh shares his fresh perspective on bushrangers.” listen now

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