Enter Paradise

A poem by Kirsten:

Enter Paradise

 Enter paradise

Enter a ‘space of love’

Enter a Kin Domain

 A return to our pristine origins

A world away from this world

Enter what your heart will feel to be true

A joy, a delight, a sense of peace, a tear filled moment

I know this place you say

I feel this place

It is me.  It is true.

You wish to run like a child

Skip and squeal and laugh

And sit and watch and smell

And be and bathe and bask

This is a ‘space of love’

Come enjoy

Creator wishes only for

Conjoint creation and joy for all in its contemplation.

Find here a co-created space

A taste of what can be for you too.

We give this place tought strengthen your ancient wisdom

We give this place to challenge you to shed illusion

We give this place to return to honour

We give this place to return to being a creator

Love and strength prevails here

It is a place for the doer not the talker

It is a place for the self-responsible not the follower

It is a place for your pristine self

Come    Enjoy    Co-create

Become Free

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