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I thought I’d share this link from an email I got today from George from Etherion NSW Tablelands Community, in relation to the upcoming Intentional Community Conference..

Bundagen Community 

Intentional Communities Conference: 

 Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future 

23rd-25th September 2011

Etherion’s Synopsis for the event is below:

“Divine Purpose for Humans – Why Settle for Anything Less?
How Highly Evolved Beings organise their societies – the Etherion inititative. 701 hectares at 1100m elevation, wild or marginal “livestock” country -7 to 33C max. Wholistic not anarchistic. Stewardship not ownership. Evolvist not Survivalist. Inter-dependent model. Tribal not Nuclear. Embracing not Exclusive. Spiritual not Religious. All-denonimational. Power With not Power Over. Large cities, or clusters? Coastal or Tablelands? Open Country, or Dense Forest? If we de-populate large cities, where would they go? Coast or inland? Store food, or not, what do Past-Life Regression studies show? Divine Purpose of humans, multiply bio-diversity or disturb rich wilderness? “Mulch” more effective than a “carbon tax”? Spiritual versus other solutions. Wilderness for Wild Animals, whereas humans of higher cognition step out of the forest. No other animal has the intelligence to re-hydrate a landscape. A Higher Dimensional Imperative for Earth’s Ascension. Ethereal Dollars proposed! Co-creators welcome to join. See . Namaste.”

So yea why settle for anything less than a Divine and Beautiful life? The Conference may work for you, it may not. There are many of us that are realising that there is far too much talk about community, especially about creating Anastasia style communities. I will not go into detail here about these people suffice to say that the Ringing Cedars movement in the Western World has stagnated largely because there has been and still is too much talk. Many of the talkers do not live in Community, they do not have gardens growing their own food and resources, they have no Space of Love, animals, kin, water etc.. Sure talking and sharing thoughts and idea’s is important and a neccesary stage and eveolution from doing nothing. However there does come a time when you will need to make the leap, to choose over and above all the talk, to live in community and your very own Space of Love.

Following she/he who talks loudest is not an advisable/wise path. Some interpretations of the beautiful messages of Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars series come from people who feel it’s their way or the highway, this is quite a revelation to anyone actually living in their domains of Love, and very ‘off-putting’.. It’s our way, we are all one and we are all equal and divine and deserve peace and support, we all deserve to be heard without judgement, ridicule and gossip.

There is a tribe of Kin forming that are living, doing and being as close to as permissible and as possible to life and love aligned with Anastasia and conscious co-creation. We may be in the burbs of England, the Island of Hawaii, Gondwanaland, or Tahiti, we are everywhere and we are uniting. We are in the process of setting up a Virtual Community that will link us all together, providing real life interaction with those living the beautiful life. We will have a platform soon that offers Kin the opportunity to share their lives, retreats, courses, events, festivals, gatherings, communities, produce, or simply an avenue for those who have had enough of the talk to find their Space of Love, to find Community.. It can be hard at time’s for us WayShowers because we are living it, being it, doing it, so having the time/space to share and open our lives up to outsiders takes us out of the garden and away from reality. So the platform will be created so it’s easy to share our lives and what’s on.

After talking we experience and live, we have silence and peace.. So when you feel ready to leap into your dreams we will have experiential opportunities for you ready and waiting.. If you are interested in helping this project off the ground and setting it up then please email me, or add a comment, it’s early days, but the need is ever so very much in demand…

Love and Warmth 🙂



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