My Best Friend

Goodbye OccyDog! 18 or so years and finally my best friend and old faithful companion has gone back to the Stars… He held on for soo long, so committed and loving to the very end… 

Dog/God, Occy was indeed a God, he was the master of loyalty, humour, intelligence, strength divine honour and power, always ready for an adenture, and most importantly always ready for a stick or ball game.. He could balance objects on his nose until on que flick them up and catch them. A crafty and illusive escape artist, he could easily jump a 6 ft fence and if required balance on the top to get where he needed to.. He has climbed mountains with me, canoed rivers, wandered rainforests, and most importantly been my surf dog companion, always on the beach guarding my things while I’m out in the surf.. He even had a go at surfing a few times himself..

He is the essence of love, and family, totally devoted and unconditional.. He left on Yellow Planetary Seed, and we spent some hours together as he had his last breaths as he headed for the light.. We shared our love, forgave, blessed, healed, thanked and cried..

My Brother’s Keeper, my Shaman, my shepherd and Ally, I dedicate you a song, a frequency that is your Loyalty and Utter Commitment and Love (Beware the add in the beginning)

More to come tmw, as my internet and computer are not playing the game right now.. However for the time being my dog and guide is ever closer, choosing his time as perfect as his arrival. He knows I am OK, I have love, he has done his job, and will be back.. I love you my dear and most faithful companion this lifetime, my brother in arms always!..





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