Rainbow Country

Just a quicky to keep shining and sharing the Rainbow

The other day I was out and about driving and came across this most magical Rainbow. It was one of the thickest, clearest Rainbows I have seen, over the rainforest, between paddocks and sunshine. And yes it was a double Rainbow.. I stopped the car got out and went into the paddock to soak it up and let the dogs have a run around.. It was totally mesmerizing, magical, yet very real.. A beautiful King Parrot flew by through the rainbow, singing a beautiful tune, sharing more light.. Can it get any better?Well yes it did, when I looked at the tree I was standing under it was a Mandarin Tree in full fruit, ready to eat.. I have seen many fruit tree’s like this either just drop it’s fruit or the rats and birds devour them.. Mandarins are one of my most favorite fruits, so sweet, easy to peel and one of the most magical trees to witness when loaded with fruit. So I picked a heap, leaving most still on the tree for the parrots. Precious Joy and nourishment, captured light and rainbows, natures way, mmmm. Here they are under our Mandarin Tree at home, sharing the vibe.

And now a small trailer for the movie Home.. Showcasing the beauty and power of nature, and the disaster that man has created in such a small time-span, very debillatating and difficult to fathom. Definitely more signs of the Quickening…

Once again another reason to Garden, to stay close to our dear Mother Earth, to heal, shine and keep the frequency of love stabilizing the planet and human consciousness..



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