Searching for your Space of Love?

Onesong is singing, calling forth LightBeing Gardeners to join us.. For these times are a changin, are you a WaySeer?

For those that are avid gardeners, conscious co-creators that love to share, heal, grow and manifest abundance then you will resonate here. We have approximately 20 acres of fenced land, mostly paddocks, 4 horses, 3 dogs, with sections of trees, fruit, vegi garden, ponds etc. My dream is to heal the land, it was once a lush rainforest, fertile and truly beautiful, yet she has suffered the hand of man for a hundred or so years, so she’s singing out for those that care, those that do not blame and fight, those who want to help and make beautiful.. Obviously by helping our Mother Earth, she returns her gratitude to us with many favours and flavours, sights, delights and most importantly a safe and peaceful sanctuary. The resonance and frequency here is rising, aligned with Planetary and Galactic evolution, it’s raining more, the Sun is more Golden, and rainbows are more than ever appearing with frequency, grounding and harmonizing the Cosmic Forces of heART and Love.. Truly a powerful and sacred time and place. For more info follow me

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