Whoo Hoo the Yellow Star WaveSpell is here!

I love it when the universe emits even more frequency of light and love than usual, the structures and beliefs that are based on fear and pain have a greater chance to crumble and reintegrate as whole and magnificently beautiful. Probably the best rundown of this 13 day portal period is here

A time to align with the whole, the orchestra in a sense, while playing our own instrument in-tune with all that is. We are all Stars essentially, we all have our own individual essence that shines forth, the more in harmony we are with our heart essence, the more we shine..

Yellow Star is all about elegance and beauty, connecting to our divine essence, being the Star in your own movie, realising the more ‘in-tune’ we are with our hearts, the more we can emanate our Star essence.. A powerful time to get out of the head, where the mind can be likend to the vehical, we use it as a tool only, where the heart is the driver, and we are free and responsible when we come from the heart. When we walk the path of love that forgives, accepts, acknowledges, appreciates and apologizes we feel brilliant! The more brilliant we feel the brighter we shine, we look and feel great, everything we touch expands and glows, all life around us feels our aura that is now massive, and it responds.. This is the natural energy of being a Star, we are grace and elegance personified, combine this with compassion and life as we know it becomes entirely beautiful and magical, stress free, healthy, abundance and vibrance..

Meditation, silence and radical self-love are the keys to life in this highly transitional and charged arena of global change and quickening, return again and again to the still-point, the moment that is totally in-peace and in-love.. There are always moments in our day that poke, prod, and stir, they can create panic and create fear ~ at this point STOP! The wheels spinning through fear create chaos and pain, this pathway as we all know in retrospect is not healthy, and left unchecked, create dis-ease and deep pain and separation, hell if you like.. So STOP, relax, simplify, breathe and let it go, consciously re-connect to your in-breath, pause, and breathe out the stress and fear, pause, and breath in peace and love through your heart.. Keep doing this until you return to your essence and stillness, your deep inner peace.. Awww mmmmm yum, from here in our hearts we can then navigate the ocean ahead, the moment ahead with grace and love, we always in every moment have this choice.. The renewal point is there every moment, every breath we take with love and heart leads us towards an appreciation and reverence for life, and this feeling emanates throughout our aura and throughout the world, our energy heals and beautifies all that surrounds us..

The Yellow Star Wavespell will be very important to harmonise with during this current preiod of upheval and change.. The are so many powerful natural, human, cosmic and economic events happening at this time that can easily pull us into fear and deep pain, and where this rabbit hole of darkness leads, the higher self really does not need to go. So stay in tune, play some music, sing, dance, laugh, paint, garden, play with animals, swim, roll in the grass, sleep under the Stars, whatever it is you do that creates and expands joy and love, do it and be it!! ~~

Every moment choose the path of peace and elegance, actively not participate in structures and pathways that are not of love, try to choose your every moment in alignment with choice that is sustainable, harmonious and beautiful, if it’s not then your setting yourself and the planet up for more separation, fear and pain. We have a responsibility that begins within to heal and re-tune our planet, our Mother Gaia, there is no point in blaming, fighting and pointing fingers at others, we are all one, and there is no moment more important in time than this 2012 Era to be of service to the resonance and peace of love and harmony..

To gain a further understanding and grounding of this force, remember your magnificence, have a look at Anita Moojani’s website and path from dis-ease with Cancer, through Chemo ~ Death and Re-Birth.. She came back to teach us all that death and pain is simply fear left unchecked.. Realise this and return to love and we heal ourselves and the world! “Anita was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and doctors told her family she was just hours away from death. It was at this point that she “crossed over” and then returned again into this world with a clearer understanding of her life and purpose on earth. This understanding subsequently led to a total recovery of her health.”

Over and Out may your heART shine the love that is you, may we meet and touch with rainbows and joy, may your greatest dreams and loves magnetically and effortlessly melt into your essence and life .. Inlakesh’


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