Tears of Peace Truth and Renewal

The flow of light and dark, the ebb of realisation and integration πŸ™‚ New dawn new Love…

We have had about a month or so of no rain during the last stages of winter, which was nice because we have had quite consitant rain prior to this so the dry weather was a nice change. However rain was again needed, the Black Cockatoo’s flew by and a few days later in she came, soft and consistant for a few days, very beautiful indeed. The ground softened and refreshed, life was back@!

Then the Sun came out and Occy decided it was time to go, I moved him into the sunshine because he so very much loves the Sun, and he laid there all day, a journey of breath back to Great Spirit. He was half here, half there, alert in ways to me, and the other dogs, to noise and horse.. He slipped away effortlessly during the evening. The next day was beautiful again, full sunshine, moist from the pervious rain. I planted a very special Rainforest Tree I collected nearly 2 years ago above where he passed on, and around the tree some flower seedlings that were ready for the Earth… I did not even shed a tear, I felt happy for him and our beautiful time together, he had a wonderful life in so many ways, but his body could not handle anymore. I sung him songs and laughed at our good times…

I felt that more rain was coming despite the radically glorious day, the Black Cockies where flying past the day before and then I looked over to the stables and the ants were in full frenzy! Another certain sign.. You can see if you look closley here they are climbing frantically all over the pole, flying ants too.. If you are ever unsure if rain is actually coming or not have a stroll around and look for ants heading for higher and drier ground, they will be in action well before it comes, so in tune..

Then that night it rained, slow at first with light pitter patter and then as the night grew more dark it came down. Raining the whole of Saturday, a beautiful rain mind you.. Then my tears came also, tears from heaven, tears from missing my Bestest Mate Occy, tears because everything was so perfect, watering the tree and seedlings I planted for him the day before. Some might say it’s not Man-ley to cry, and definitely not Man-ley to share that you have, but I’m honest and it’s helping me to share this feeling of truth, love, care, bond and respect for all life.. The release timed with the rain was very healing, very timely and special, I had a big inside day, resting, reading, healing and re-callibrating my path. I find it very difficult to have indoor time besides sleeping and eating, so it was very nice indeed, a break-through.

The rain eased in the afternoon, perfect again. I went to the river, planted some trees, pottered in the garden, did some farm jobs and realised the tears I cried were so much like the rain drops from above, nourishing life, healing and restoring harmony.. Then I found them in the flowers, tears of life and love, oh WoW, so so so magical words and images can only scratch the surface Β to share this.


I feel free again, happy and inlove! Thankyou to everyone that sent their care and concern, it has helped immensely.. I feel that Occy could not leave until my relationship with Billa from the Ringing Cedars Revolution was totally and utterly severed and deleted. I will not get into the reality behind this character and being, suffice to say that with the help and support of loving and aware people the truth has set me free.. I bless and set you free to be love and find love also Billa..

A new Dawn has risen, today is Sunday, and it is indeed a magnificent example of Sun~Day.. Very Light, brilliant blue sky, fresh clean and gorgeous.. We are about to head into the Yellow Star Wavespell tomorrow, leaving the White Wind behind that has cleansed the illusion and granted spirit and guidance.. I will do my best to express my Yellow Star essence tmw with a new post, a new time of shining like Stars, elegant and beautiful, Art, Creativity, and joy! Inlakesh πŸ™‚

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