The Art of Carrot

Well I don’t know about you, but I have never had much success growing Carrots.. Call it my need to plant and garden unbridled by restriction and dogma, I don’t know, it seems that Carrots require some attention to detail and certain Cosmic Laws.. I am also essentially in my essence Fruitarian and feel a sense of death and pillage when I pull a carrot out of the Earth to eat, not to mention all the worms you kill when forking up the ground to grow your beautiful Carrots.

My Permaculture Teacher Robyn Francis from Djanbung Gardens said that Carrots are a natural Prairie root plant, they love soft friable soil. Sounds delightful indeed, however once we planted the Carrot seed in linear rows, furrowed out alleys, over highly forked soil, Robyn said that ideally the carrot seed then needs to be trampled on….? Like in the Prairies, when the carrot seed finds it’s soft naturally weed free friable furrow, it then thrives on having heavy hoofed animals trampling over it. Hmm WoW! We then added timber slats to cover the seed furrows until germination, protecting this precious little space from anymore hoof/man, and keeping the temperature and moisture just right, as long as we watered them everyday.. Hmmmm, was that complicated for you?

There has to be a better way I thought?……………………….

However I have since had no success with growing Carrots successfully.. That’s not true, I have had great success really, the Carrots above are a testament to that, I should say I have not had continual and effective success. I’ve tried throwing seed over different grounds and either there is no germination, or some come up and turn into gnarled and twisted Dwarf carrots, often with a tinge of Green near the Carrot tops.. Apparently according to Rob, a dear Earth Being and Carrot grower said that the Green colour is a sign that the carrot has yes not had enough cover, and it’s toxic! Cricky,,, Do they really deserve all this attention? Well they are yum, and home grown carrots are divine, so they do deserve some attention I feel..

Anyway so today was Good Planting Day for Rooting Vegetables under Bio-Dynamic law and principle that I tend to follow and harmonize with. So I figured, OK it’s been raining overnight, the soil is naturally soft, rather Prairie like, it’s Carrot O’Clock..

So I began digging up some soil/ground that was recently grass covered with really heavy mulch that killed the grass, leaving a smooth clean slate to plant the carrot seed.. The soil was not tender to the touch so I decided to fork it up, roughly 30cm deep. Mmmm now it’s Friable! Then I added a Straw Mulch path in the middle to access the entire garden without stomping on anything. Then I added a layer of river sand that I had already carted up from our river for the garden, this I used to make a smooth clean surface of fine sand.. I then made furrows, mixing the carrot seed with some sand to spread the little morsel of seed they sell for $3 or so a packet further.. This I sprinkled into the furrows..

Oh the ground was so soft, I stayed well clear of my precious hard work and forking while spreading the seed. Robyn would devour any poor soul that stood in a ready made garden bed, a crime as she saw it, killing entire eco-systems… However the exception being Carrot of course, so I trampled it! I was bare foot, and wow each light foot stomp I made was like walking on Marshmallow (not the herb btw which is very soft and beautiful, but the sugary manufactured variety), it was delightful!.. I felt nawty, but I was reliving a lesson in Carrot Wisdom..

Job done! I lightly covered it all with straw mulch…

I then found another patch of Earth that needed a little forking/mulching, without half the effort or thought it was done, seeded with Radish and Beetroot. Done my way, simple, and guided, I held all the seed in the palm of my hand breathing heavily on them for a couple minutes until they were warm and held my thoughts of love and light that I was sending them through my breath..

As I packed up the sky darkened, the clouds rolled over the Mountains bringing coastal rain from above, and it’s been raining on and off since.. A sign that you have planted at the right time, in the right place.. I will now endevour to read my Cosmic book the ‘Quantum Carrot’ and see what insights arise… I feel the magic this book has to offer from it’s lively cover, however as they say, I will not judge, I will garden… 🙂

I will keep you updated with the progress.. If you have any ideas or suggestions, thoughts, poems, stories or Carrots, then please share!

I’m off to have some steamed Carrot! Hmm there we go another topic, to cook or not to cook the Carrot. I usually grate the carrot raw and have it in salad, however at times baking or steaming on a cool and wet winters night ground and warm my being….


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