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Are you on the path to and of enlightenment, what my Wizard friend Yellow Star refers as in-light-is-meant? It is our inner light that holds our divine temples in perfection, peace, health and love. The old sages and gurus of the past managed to harness and at times share this wisdom with those on the quest, despite living in times where our planet and galaxy were passing through darkness. This darkness manifested with powers that dominated culture and humanity with linear fear based thought control, separating and severing the true reality that life is infinite, circular and love. They burnt the witches, suppressed the guru’s, prophets and magicians and with ill-us-ion they created a veil over humanity that dimmed our very own source and connection to our inner light.. Trickery indeed..However let’s not look at this negatively, everything ultimately has purpose and divine right order, expand your compassion for these times and beings with love and forgiveness, acknowledge, accept and even apologize, for this is our passageway to the light and enlightenment.. We all need to constantly re-tune and refine our temples to harmonize once again with the frequency of love in all moments, for it is with love that we ride the 2012 Era of the Aquarius Age, the Great Earth Changes connected to the power of OneSong. This is our pathway home, fortunately our Planet is now being flooded with massive amounts of light frequency, it’s not hard to tune in………………….

Messiah’s and Gurus had their time and place, it is now our time, I am simply here to inspire you towards developing and harmonizing your frequency to that of Love. The choice to live as ‘Family of Light’ is up to you, our frequencies of love are lighting up each-other with electrifying energy, Universal Consciousness, I hope you can feel me and shine as One..

Set free your prisoners that you hold with blame and anger for they are limiting your frequency and connection to unending love, to your light. A really good way to do this is to go into nature and listen to and integrate her sounds, to feel the energy that is multidimensional and ultimately love.. Let it go, sing it free and breathe deeply and know everything is balance and harmony, love and light.. “Place thy self accordingly to maximize harmony and diversity – beneficial co-creation” Yellow star.. Access your Heart center which is your 5th Dimensional Portal to Multidimensional consciousness.

Listen to the below podcast from Wizard Yellow Spectral Star, feel the frequency above and beyond the words, for they are simply Wayshowers.. Take this frequency into your daily moments, live unbounded with tran-zen-dance, unite as ONE, with Love………

Aug 14 2011 – Be-ing the Change We want to see/be through re-align-meant accordingly

Transformation: thru Catalysts ‘Person-all’ Collective Healing Crisis’s

The Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo Axis, and ther Grand Square of Collective Healing Crisis
The White Wind Wave: Crystal Skywalker
The Karma Busters/Aligners: The 4A’s (C) ‘Four-give-ness’, Acknowledge-meant, Acceptance and Apology factored by Compassion

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Understanding the frequency of love is your ultimate lesson in living. To manifest it, all you have to do is feel it!” ‘Family of Light’



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