Walking the Path of Peace & Love

We all know that there is no way to Peace, for Peace is the way… There is no consciousness in War to bring peace, War to liberate and terminate terrorism… War to save oppressed cultures and people.. There is no excuse for War! full…
Have a think about your life and being, what do you do each day that contributes to War? Do you support financial institutions, armies, governments, foods, people, jobs, economies, corporations, travel or parasites that are, behind the scenes robbing, raping, pillaging humanity, and Eco-System? You may say well “I do my best, I need to support myself, and pay my bills”, but really is that a conscious decision and/or path to be walking? Supporting War and destructive culture so you can survive “will be”, and is a crime, so why not start dropping as much now moments that are not aligned for the highest good of all? “Soldiers put down your weapons”, take up Gardening, SeedSaving, Hugging, Caring, Healing and Loving..

Peter Garret when he was a Grass Roots Man of Power!
“Where ever there are congregational institutions there are walls. Walls made of stone, walls and fences made of wood, bamboo, wire and concrete. Walls keep insiders in, and outsiders out. Walls are written in laws, constitutions and programmed education. Walls may be physically invisible but they are a restrictive, prohibitive device dividing both humanity and the individual Mind. http://www.peopleforglobaljustice.com/site-intro.html
I share this because there is so much Pain and Tension, humans lost, fearful and violent, sending and transmitting ripples of darkness that effect the matrix of our 3rd and 4th Dimensions in ways that are archaic and barbaric.. We do have a choice to reset these and other dimensions into alignment with high frequencies and pathways that are of Love, Peace, Clarity, Compassion, Humor, Honor and Valor.
Focus on Light, sharing light, shining bright, truth, and ways that are helping and healing, nurturing our Mother Earth and Eachother. From here we have greater awareness, opportunities arise that replace those that we once relied upon for sustenance, livelihood or habit, we melt and flow with and within the stream of Peace and Co-Creation, Eternal Bliss,,,,, Have a read of Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars Series if you still need convincing, many who have read this series of books have gained the power to “Quit” that ‘Day-Job’, jobs and paradigms that do not resonate and fit with the “Family of Light”/// Blissingz to all!

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