The DoorWay Home to Unity Consciousness

We are now travelling through the 6th Day of the Universal Underworld. A powerful time ahead and within, our multidimensional selves are activating to codes, numbers, portals and energies that are deepening our understanding and path of Light and Love.. We have a choice to hear and feel these energies and to integrate them, to live them, or we can choose to fear them, to block them, to naysay..

You can choose to watch and participate in barbaric corporate fuelled entertainment and sports, to listen to commercial radio and main-stream media broadcasts, to watch TV, to pollute and devour all in your path to get that what you dream and fantasise… You have this choice… And this choice is the most predominant and accepted choice of Modern Societies the world over, the consumer choice, the choice of the masses, the common choice.. I met Daniel Pinchbeck in Canada last year at the ‘Prophets Conference’, his movie “2012 Time for Change” highlights this choice, its inevitable demise and some of the opportunities alternative to this choice, a choice that is fast becoming the choice of an ill and dysfunctional society that is collectively creating it’s own Extinction Crisis.. “How would Mother Earth Warn Us?” if our choice was not the wisest choice…?

We have freewill obviously, hence we have choice.. However we are reaching a time/space that is encoded in our DNA with energies from the closing of the great 26 000 year Astrological cycle that offers another choice.. We have the choice as Eckhart Tolle suggests to either “Evolve or Die”, again the choice is yours! We are swimming within these energies and codes in an ethereal fish bowl of Quantum possibility, a bubble of consciousness that has plans within plans within plans. Our planet/bubble is being flooded with more and more Light/Energy through our Planetary Grand Alignment with the Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy… So the choice to choose Love and Compassion, Art and Creativity, Sustainability and Peace, Community and Family, Unity and Beauty are becoming more readily available and empowered options.. This is the path of Conscious Evolution, a world and Humanity that is once again Harmonious and Magical, Light and Radiant, Bliss~filled and Timeless..

When you see synchronistic codes like 11:11, 12:12, 21:12, 12:44, etc, they are pre~designed energies to awaken and evolve your being to higher states of understanding and feeling. They are essentially portals, values that emit frequency which words nor mind can articulate, they are understood deep in our subconscious and higher selves.. They act as triggers, WayShowers,  Lights in the dim and dark swamps and groves that are fail-safe, opportunities of choice to guide us home to our family and sanctuaries of harmony and bliss..

 With Love and Light the choice to live as a beautiful and enlightened humanity await…


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