Seeds of Love

Sowing and Spreading the Seeds of Love, Peace and Unity

“We belong to Mother Earth, Mother Earth does not belong to us.”

I have a saying that goes a lill something like, “if people come to visit then they need to be as good or better than my Dear Horses in Love, Peace, Harmony and Play“… Amazing that most humans cannot come near this standard, yet how simple, how beautiful and honest! Horses can teach us these simple and enlightened aspects of being, without demand and blame, they love and they love and they love 🙂 And they garden all day too, funny that love/Garden, Seed/Life!

I thought I’d share a Love Pilgrims message… I sure know he would rather be with his community and family, in his Garden, but his message needs more ears, every ear and every heart! The Ark of Light within is our path, we sow the seeds of Love and Peace in every breath. All our actions and creations give us reflections, so look around and see your path walked, and your path to come, from the now moment of Love and Peace, give thanks and share light…

Mystery Flash ~ Tune into the number 13, where 12 becomes 1…

Reuben Silverbird’s Message for Australia

“I bring you four letters that need much awaking in the world today. There is a true need to renew, and bring them forward from the dusty archives of antiquity in their true form and meaning.

In many cases, they adorn most commercial gift cards in business stores, for so many festivity days of the year. They are the basis of all things that are the center of all life. The superficial four letters L O V E are everywhere that has to do with making someone feel good for a fleeting moment.

However, real true Love is dreadfully missing in the hearts of humanity today. It is like talking about peace but doing nothing about bringing true peace to the masses of the world.

My message is universal. It has no country, no state, and no city. It belongs to the world. My people have been talking about it since the beginning of time. Our religious beliefs were, and still are based on principles of love. “You reap what you sow”, has no nationality, no community. It exists in all cultures of the world: it is found in Africa, Japan, India, America and here in Australia as well.”

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