‘BE’ the change YOU wish to see in the WORLD!

The Hundredth Monkey Syndrome

You may have heard of the ‘hundredth-monkey syndrome’. In Japan in 1952, scientists were studying the behaviour of wild monkeys. The principle food of these monkeys was the Sweet Potato. One day they noticed one of the monkeys do something rather unusual – she washed the sweet potato prior to eating it. She repeated this behaviour on subsequent days and soon several monkeys seemed to follow suit. More and more monkeys began to do this.Then in 1958, after all the monkeys on this one Island began washing their potatoes, scientists involved in the study on nearby islands where no physical transportation was possible or had occurred, reported the monkeys on their Islands exhibiting the same behaviour.

This study highlights something of overwhelming importance for the human race and for our planet. Once enough monkeys had accepted this is the way we do things it was apparently transferred to other monkeys without any physical contact or direct communication.

This is how it works – the evolution of consciousness. Each and every person’s individual consciousness is connected to and part of the mass consciousness. In short if we want to help nourish and heal our beautiful planet then we have to make the leap and we need to lead by example and hold others hands and shine out lights bright so they can make the leap and teach them how to show others and so on and so on. One small but significant number of individuals can have a global impact simply by changing and transforming their awareness!

All too often we look at the world and feel overwhelmed and stuck not knowing where to begin in transforming the world. We must remember the world truly is our mirror and as we change it must change – it can’t not. So the saying ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ really means ‘be’ just that. Develop the habit of trusting and taking care of yourself and in doing so you will be taking care of our precious world.

You will begin to shift to the point you will feel the power of the universe within you and you will no longer feel afraid.

The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be.

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