Cosmic Attunement

Keep Doing it!” ~ Inspiration for Light Workers…

Keep your connection to Universal Truth and Cosmic Love shining, when you light dims, connect with other Light Workers to re-light and re-member.. Behind the ill-usion we carry the flame of Light, and so we must, because things are heating up..We are children of the Stars, but at this time on Earth we need to really be aware of the “Cosmic Criminals!” I tend to live in a bubble, a Space of Love where I do not, for many many reasons watch TV, listen to commercial radio stations, read corporate Newspapers, listen to propaganda media etc..  But I do at times still tune in through alternative Media and September is definitely a time to tune in, to be aware, to prepare… I found this fella ~ ‘Paris Tosen‘, he’s kooky, and his message is great in multidimensional ways that illuminate this very message, that we need to really watch our steps, and to keep our lights shining bright.. The Key for me is the uniting of the flames, today my flame might go out, but yours still burns, tomorrow another Light Being relights mine and I relight another and so on and so on, the more lights on the easier the passage..

“This planet of human beings belongs to a quadrant of the greater cosmos. Essentially we are all cosmic beings only that earth has been reduced to an enslavement camp where the connection to the cosmos has been basically shut off or highly compromised. It has been going on for so long that people have gotten used to living on a lonely planet.” Paris Tosen…

Well we are not lonely any-more, not separate, no longer can we be captive hidden under stones of control and manipulation, the truth is out there and inside, we just have to choose it and share it! So I’m sharing mine, and maybe there is someone that needs a reminder and a re-lighting, a re-membering that you are a beautiful and magnificent being with sooo much love and potential to live and be this….


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