Equinox and the White Wizard

The Wizardy within…

For me Wizardry begins in the heart and connects through the Earth, travels through our Sun, towards the central Sun of the Milky Way and beyond.. The key here is connecting the dots, the energies and feeling United as One to all that exists on our Earth plane, feeling the lower dimensional underworlds that enable us to harmonise with the higher dimensional energies that are us, above, below and beyond.. Essentially there is no separation, there is growth and change, expansion and contraction, we have multidimensional energies and sanctuaries accessible at all times, linkages within the matrix that hold creation as whole and unified.. When we realise and integrate living that is whole and ONE rather than separate and linear, we tap into energies and feelings that are conscious and evolutionary, we transcend and bend Space/Time and understand the limitlessness and freedom within and within all.. The invisible and the visible unite and merge and our dreams become waking reality,,,,,,,,, Imagine the Peace,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and embrace it!

“Humanity has evolved, unbeknownst to itself, under the increasing stress of a false and artificial timing frequency, the 12:60 (12-month calendar and 60-minute clock)…It’s true that the human species is operating on its own timing frequency apart from the whole rest of the universe…The combination of the clock and calendar as our instruments to measure time have contributed to the situation that accounts for the absolute acceleration of change in the last five hundred years on this planet…We are the only people with wristwatches and the only species destroying our environment. There is a connection…”
-Dr. Jose Arguelles

The passage ahead we all face moves us towards the 11/11/11 gateway, a very powerful time that is linked with Lemurian energies of transformation and unification. These energies can be whole or divided depending upon our own perceptions and realisations, some humans are coded to anchor these energies as love and light, while others are waking up and integrating them as new, an evolutionary process that is similar to the caterpillar waking up from the cocoon to become a butterfly.. The significant aspect here is that the butterfly is not separate but part of the whole, part of the collective consciousness that is free, light, bright and beautiful, One. The more of us waking up to this feeling and reality the more gracefully and peacefully our Mother Earth, Humanity and all life transforms to a higher and lighter vibration/frequency. War, pain, terror, anger and fear are no longer aspects that exist here, these lessons have been learnt and integrated, transformed into realisations that life really is a cosmic and quantum bubble of infinite love and joy..

“The White Wizard Wavespell holds the space for the New Moon in Red Self-Existing Earth and the First Quarter Moon in Blue Planetary Night. White Wizard reminds us of our task this whole year: to align our head with our heart, to open to he…art-knowing and new possibilities, to have integrity and to be self-empowered. Infuse these next 13 days with this energy. I find it interesting that on the new Moon the Sun and Moon are at exactly 4 degrees 00 minutes (in Libra). Wow! The 4 reflects the Self-Existing energy available on that day and encourages us to give our thoughts discpline and form. What beautiful, harmonious (Libra) idea wants to manifest into the real world? (besides dark chocolate 🙂 The two sweet zeros suggest that anything is possible – just plug in to Red Earth’s guidance and stay alert to synchronicities, signs and signals for the next 28 days. What animals are visiting you right now? What is their message for you? What new possibility are you being guided to see through the synchronicities you experience? “Align your own will with Divine will.” (that’s what those two little zeros mean to me!)” Tracey Gendron http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/

 “Relentlessly, truth toys with the mind like a cat pawing at a mouse. Evolution is unavoidable. The harvest has come.” http://heyallie.com/2011/the-harvest/

“Discover the harmony in your own being.
Embrace it.
If you can do this, you will gain everything,
and the world will become healthy again…”
Lao Tzu

24/7, 12/60 time that many of us have been conditioned to operate within is based on an irregular financially controlled Gregorian Calendar/System, devoid of Universal Lore and Love, associated with the 13/28 frequency of harmony and peace.

“The very nature of the calendar that the world follows has stunted the mind and the body’s innate timing sensibility…Our sense of time is a fundamental perception. If the standard of measure of time that we use is irregular, then we must contemplate deeply and understand what this does to our mind over centuries of prolonged use.” Dr. Jose Arguelles

Time to set ourselves free!

“Whoever owns your time owns your mind.
Know your own time
and you will know your own mind.
Make a Time Shift.
Make a Mind Shift.
Time is Art!”



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