Evolution is the Solution

It seems to me the divide between the Ego and the Spirit, the mind and our intuition, is widening and expanding in people, how they live and communicate and share, how they perceive the world is ever more coming from fight/flight Ego, or peace/acceptance Spirit.. There is much talk about Revolution ATM, it’s happening, and sure this is an inevitable transition phase at times throughout history and even now as Economies and Political Structures need overhauling, people are uniting and breaking them down, Revolutions are resulting and transforming.. But I contend that Revolutions are a lower frequency to Evolution, particularly Spontaneous Evolution..

Claire summed this up well by saying “Evolution not Revolution – its time to evolve into the citizens appropriate for healing and sustaining our Earth” ~~~ Revolution to me implies revolt, pain, trauma, fight, aggression, intimidation, blame, etc,, while Evolution is natural, peaceful, heart, art, love, peace, acceptance, forgiveness, care and compassion… As we consciously evolve and co-create our New Humanity we naturally align and live this life and feeling in the now moment, and the now is our key to ALL-WAYS, to infinity and Universal Law. The flowers in our gardens, the trees we plant and the Earth we heal with our Animal and Human family, they are the living representations and manifestations of our Evolution…

“A significant portion of the world’s population will soon recognize, if they haven’t already done so, that humanity is faced with a stark choice: Evolve or die. A still relatively small but rapidly growing percentage of humanity is already experiencing within themselves the breakup of the old egoic mind patterns and the emergence of a new dimension of consciousness.” ~Eckhart Tolle

I spoke to someone on the phone the other day and he mentioned that a particular person he was talking with was interested in making a film, had loads of money, was very “powerful” and apparently had a big ego. Maybe I replied, however I mentioned that we all don’t operate and identify with ego living and maybe he was seeing himself instead.. The reply was consequently aggressive and defensive and I was told by him that we all have ego’s and operate from there.. Proof was in the pudding of his perceptions and reply and indeed we can only perceive that what we believe.. This encounter was again another realisation that many people who affiliate themselves with Spiritual living are quite incongruent with Spirit peace/love and are more resonate with ego and the resultant fight/flight reality.

Nature and the power of Tree

The more time we spend and even live in and amongst nature the more activated and resonate we become with Universal Law, Wisdom and Love. Animals and plants vibrate at frequencies that one could say are more evolved, more flowing and harmonious than what most modern humans tend to operate from and within. This is in part due to our separation from creation, from Universal Being, simple laws of love, peace, ease, harmony, endlessness and infinity have been replaced and obscured behind greed, fear, lust, competition, and desire.

So I dedicate this post to anyone who resonates with love and frequencies that are of highest good and possibility for all, no matter what we have been taught or thought we believe, we do have the choice to choose ultimate win/win for all..

Evolution not Revolution …… how?
Johan Galtung developed the ‘Fifth Way or Fivers’ that states every conflict has five resolutions –
1 – I win. You lose
2 – You win. I lose
3 – Negative transcendence in which the problem is solved by avoiding it entirely
4 – Compromise in which each wins by agreeing to lose a little
5 – Transcendence – which produces a resolution above and beyond the problem.” Claire

I found this beautiful story below that encapsulates living in peace and flow, the effortless life and way of being, connecting and harmonising with nature, swimming as ONE with nature, free and love ~~ InJoy ~~

“The best tree story I know involves a dear friend named Henry, who passed from this life several years ago. Henry was a wise, caring, and colorful character who over the years helped many people with their spiritual awakening. With a sweet grin on his face he would often remark, “When it’s time for me to leave this world, I’m going to slip out of my body just like I’m slipping out of my jacket.”

As Henry said this, he would dramatize his statement by removing his jacket in an effortless, fluid fashion, holding it up, and then gracefully dropping it to the floor. One fall day, Henry who was in his 80’s, and in good health, was out delivering telephone books. As I was later told, at some point he sat down under a tree to rest and for Henry that was the end of this reality — he quietly slipped away. When they found Henry, he was leaning up against the tree’s trunk, a smile on his face. It seems when his time came, Henry intuitively used a tree to transcend this reality.

Recalling stories such as Henry’s and my own tree memories makes me wonder: What will have to happen before our culture is able to rekindle its connection to these majestic entities? Perhaps, as our lives go faster and faster, and we are more easily thrown off-center, we will realize that an antidote to the madness of life can be a visit to the woods; where a few hours spent in the company of trees, or a special tree, can bring a rich harvest of inner discoveries and understanding.” http://pleiadians.com/sample_ptimes3.html

Evolution as David Wilcock sees is already here, Revolution is out to pasture and life as we know it is not as it seems ~~~~

“Limitless free energy. Non-polluting, unending and completely clean. No more power lines. No more blood for oil. No more coal. No more nuclear. Never pay again. Obliterating the need for a money system. Greening the deserts. Ending poverty, famine and homelessness.

Gravity-shielding technology. No need for roads. No need to ever buy a new ‘car’ again. Go wherever you want. Never fill the tank. Cities that hover in the sky. Pop over to the Moon or Mars to visit friends and family. Build majestic structures considered impossible by today’s standards.

Healing devices. Nullify cancer. Cure diabetes. Eliminate heart disease. Conquer depression. Regrow limbs. Effortlessly restore perfect health regardless of the condition. Feel 100-percent alive, 100-percent inspired, all the time. Live for hundreds of years.

Stargate travel. Use naturally-occurring traversible wormholes to travel impossibly vast distances. Move through time as effortlessly as you move through space. Go wherever you want, whenever you want, using natural physics laws not yet discovered in mainstream science.”

Thankyou Claire for your Radiant Light and Love 🙂


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