Keep the faith ….

All Light Bearers and Earth Keepers are feeling the ‘shifting of sands‘ and the changes in energy … sometimes if we are isolated in our faith and feel under attack it is difficult to stay on the path of our hearts desire.  The road seems blocked somehow, the things we dream of feel impossible, but if we keep singing our own song (all be it sometimes out of tune) and keep the faith we will be blessed with the greatest of treasures and doors will open where once there were walls!

Keep these three things with you at all times –

Faith ~ Hope ~ Love

These are the three things you can truly rely on. With these three things you can eradicate any fear, any lack and can accomplish anything you focus on with pure and good intention.

For a long time we have been controlled by fear! Fear of poverty, fear of getting old, fear of rejection, fear of ill health, fear of failure and so on.  As the old order changes to make way for the new dawn,  the fears that are perpetuated by the ruling elite can be expected to increase with dramatic force.  Surrender to your fears for they are simply illusions of the mind and collective consciousness. Don’t fight them or resist them, just let go and go with the flow.  Making peace with the worst case scenario if need be.

We need to stop talking and simply ‘BE’come ‘BE’livers because those of us who believe in miracles will experience miracles. We can’t not, its universal law and is as certain as the law of gravity! we don’t drop a pencil and think maybe it will float up! and it’s the same with our beliefs ~ if we believe something is possible, as in really believe – it simply is and will be!!

I doubt there will ever be a time in history when our faith is tested more strongly in our abilities to live in harmony, abundance, love and friendship.  If you share your visions and prophecies of light with non believers it’s probable they may scoff and dismiss your musings as ‘fantasy’ or even ‘insanity’.  Stay strong in your own divine power, keep listening to the wind and talking to the stars, the universe will whisper words of comfort on the breeze … be still and hear them … let them sing to your soul and enjoy the magic of knowing and believing and experiencing.

You don’t have to be perfect, you do not need infinite wisdom, you do not need endless patience or humility and you don’t have to be a saint.  Just be willing to live a life that is full and true and greet your own destiny.  You will meet with your own magnificence when you have the courage to walk this path.

Also be willing to share the path with others, after all we don’t want to arrive in paradise and find it empty! Some will be willing companions, some inspired, some disloyal ~ it is all part of human nature. Just be immune to the good or bad opinion of others along the way. Be grateful for your resonant tribe and bless with love the ones who differ and choose to walk a different path.

When you come across life’s problems (and we all do) do not spend time remembering the difficult times, concentrate on the joy of having leaped over another of life’s hurdles! Carry in your memory at all times the good things that came out of those difficulties, for they will serve you well when faced with future obstacles.

Have compassion, love and forgiveness for yourself for whichever stage you are at or have been.  Remember not to judge a tree by its roots (and past) but more by the fruit it bears today (and now)! we have all made mistakes and carry emotional baggage, heart scars and wounds.  Dispose of the pain and emotional rubbish that has long since passed and is no longer useful.

Reach out and connect with your tribe there has never been a more crucial time to stand strong together in love, support and encouragement of each other.  Lift each other up, be the wind beneath each others wings, spread the light always extending love and gratitude.

Be happy now and live a life you truly want to live, a life that makes you smile inside, a life so infectious with giddy joy that you inspire and light the path for others simply by ‘BE’ ing … en ‘JOY’ your path and make a difference remembering its better to regret the things you have done than the things you didn’t do!

Thank you to Noha (for creating this platform of love and extending his light unconditionally to others), thank you to Debs (for BEing the compassionate listening ear and supportive soul sister), to David (my soul brother who I love to share and care with) to my children for their light, wisdom and infinite joy, to my Dad who is an amazing man and more recently to Kirsten who ‘tested’ me and in doing so revealed more gifts of the self – thank you K xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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