Light of Spring

Some images of Spring 2011 ~ Part 1!

We’ve had a pretty Dry end to Winter so things are taking off a little slowly, but perfect just as nature is perfect.. We had one or two really nice days of consistent lovely rain that turned the paddocks into green pastures over night, then dry again.. But just as I type we have some really beautiful and soft rain falling, it’s cool and very moist, mmm. The moon has just come out of the Dark and Bio-Dynamically this is usually the period in the lead up to Full Moon for rain.. In no time at all the gardens will be bursting with life, the paddocks green and lush, happy horses, happy humans, happy birds, insects and Eco-System..

Spring 2011 Part 1

The seedlings that I planted last month are all looking great and are just about ready to set root into the garden beds prepared over Winter.. Most of the Composts we made over Winter are also ready, so as they say, “It’s Business Time”…

My Purpose and Passion during this time of the Great Earth Changes is an Earth Healer, I am here to heal our Wounded Mother Earth, and regenerate Eco-System, and it is through Eco-System that humans will inturn heal. Healing Eco-Systems is not really physical, it is energetic, frequency modulation, creating portals that harmonise and balance. Each day my hands are in the Earth, mending and healing myself as I go, gaining clarity and insight into the Planetary and Cosmic situation we all find ourselves in. Eating the fruit and vegetables from the garden is simply the icing on the cake, not at all the aim or sole mission that many gardeners have.. Rather than looking at food in the garden like it’s a grocery store, where I take and feed from, I look at the garden as Life, the more I give, the more life the more beauty and the more Love I am nourished and sustained by.. It is this Love that sustains me and nourishes me much more so than the physical food and herb, it’s energy, Universal Life Force, direct and Powerful.I do nibble on different herbs and fruits as I garden, and because I am intimately connected to the Earth and the Eco-System that I am helping to grow, giving much much more than taking, I am blessed to be part of the whole, filled with natural energy and light that “normal” food can never provide.. The key here is similar to what Anastasia suggests about eating food from our gardens and from the climate we live in, freshly picked, full of life energy, full of information particular to our climate and Space of Love, our own individual needs and requirements.. Nature gives us the medicine and insights we need and are ready for, we download energies from the Universal Field of consciousness, the Book of Earth, we realise our true potentials, our Purpose, Path and Peace.. Kirlian photographs taken of natural, fresh live food show the Light energies emitted similar to mini universes, electrical and brilliant..The broccoli on the right was cooked.. If it was cooked a little more there would be nothing left.. Imagine the difference between your very own Bio-Dynamically grown freshly picked Broccoli, and one bought from a commercial chain supermarket that has lived through man’s chemical madness, man’s greed for money..

If you still eat a diet that is mostly cooked and dead, you might like to do some research.. There is a progression that we need to walk through so our bodies, minds and Spirits can eat more simply depending on where we are living and eating now. Dead food causes premature aging, ill-ness, pain, fatigue, very slow vibrationaly charged negative thoughts and chaos, and ultimately death within a confused and dark passage…There are many in-light-ened beings on the planet who eat nothing, known as Breatharians they have created circumstances and frequencies that nourish them well beyond the modern media manipulated ideas of food, life and death.. We can create anything we imagine, it’s alignment and focus to information and energy that is Light and Love that creates ultimate Health and Well-Being, happiness and infinity within, just and infinity is out..


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