Spring Planting

Spring, wonderful Spring!

I have been patiently waiting to get my Spring seeds into the Earth, yesterday was the day, Moon in the water sign of Scorpio, with the rising smiley face Moon on sunset, and some rain on the way.. I choose seeds that would grow mostly as leafy greens.. You can see the collection here, mmmm mmmm variety and so many amazing energies there.. This little collection of seed costs around $100 Aus, so they are very precious indeed. Thus I choose to plant wisely and nurture every seed in planting trays so I can tender to their extreme needs and requirements with attention to and focus on “perfect” conditions… They need a light and airy seedraising mix, that maintains adequate moisture, while allowing oxygen to circulate. Then it’s the right heat, safe from rats, mice, slugs, birds, dogs, light, and any other creatures large or small that love the scent of fresh germinating seed.. It’s has been a struggle in the past I have to say, I’ve lost so many valuable seeds to numerous incidents, and when your seeds are such a big part of your life, your food supply for the coming months ahead it can create quite a dent in abundance and variety.. So I take as much care and precaution as possible..

I am in the process of building up my very own Seed-Bank. I see all these seeds as lifelong companions, and will ensure that a good number of high quality plants from each species are saved, not eaten or picked from, and allowed to re-seed.. Seed saving is a very powerful and skilled activity, that requires dedication, and an deep and intimate knowledge of each individual plant species. I’ll get into Seed-Saving in another post.

To give you an example the seeds here are Stevia seeds. Stevia is a beautiful leafy green herb that has a very powerful and sweet leaf, healthy for teeth and brain… The seeds in my hand are the entirety of the $3.95 packet of seed, so you really want to take care of them! It’s almost daunting to fathom that such a small quantity of seed is so expensive, yet with adequate care and attention these seeds can produce an infinite supply of seed/plants for future generations.. Once the plants are growing and flowering, the seed offerings usually create enough abundance to either self sow, or for harvesting and throwing over fertile and prepared Earth, hence it gets easier from here on..I will update this passage of seed planting as we go along, expect the unexpected, some seeds will germinate, other will not, seeds can be viable and healthy, or at times not, so it’s always a gamble.. I try to sterilise the seed tray with boiling water to prevent fungus infections from previous soils and seeds, I’m sure this helps.

Until then the love from our Moon Goddess shall inspire the seeds to crack through, time to break on through to the otherside, where the Sun awaits, and infinity is our gift.. 🙂

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