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Sometimes we have to leap, to know our highest path and highest good, beyond our fear and the demands and expectations and pain, beyond our usual life and lifestyle, we have to leap!.. Sometimes the chime that ‘RINGS‘ and awakens us is soo darn loud and clear that we have a duty to respond, to change, to break through all and every barrier that does not serve this vision, to leap into the life and moment that our Universal mind has distilled...

This blog and my life grew from such a leap years ago after reading the Ringing Cedar Series and distilling the wisdom and love of Anastasia… The path ahead was totally clear, not certain and mapped by any means, but the feeling was, and this feeling is what I have stayed tuned to.. The feeling is constantly growing, the soil is fertile, seeds that were sowed years ago are now self-seeding and the flowers and bees are signs that all is aligned and magical.. I share this Feeling and Light to once again shine forth energy that I cannot contain and own, it is to share, and it is for you.. I hope your moments are love and you feel loved and with this feeling I ask you to tap into your Highest Path and Vision, to Leap, to Dance and Set free all that does not Serve this path to the Oceans of Change and the Winds of Renewal..


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