It is truly amazing to realise that our Human existence is so intimately connected and interwoven with the birds and the bees that most of us take this relationship for granted. I guess it’s like many aspects of life and reality, we tend to take things for granted when they are always there supporting and nurturing in the background, yet when they are taken away, lost or for what ever reason not part of our lives anymore we realise how interdependent we are on these things.How many times do you consciously appreciate your very own breath, the breath that if taken away right now even for just 1 min would send ripples of either total confusion/anxiety, or at the other end of the spectrum bliss and infinite appreciation through your Being? Most of us tend to forget the infinite and wondrous blessings that keep us alive and ticking, we forget how fortunate we are to have so many life supporting circumstances and energies around us, and can at times fall into voids of despair and frailty, where our very own dreams and loves seem lost, gone with the winds and tides of change.. We can wake up one morning and realise we are alone, that the week ahead is going to be one BIG struggle, full of pressure to meet the demands of others, to pay our bills, to conform, achieve, to meet deadlines etc etc…

In these moments we can choose to notice these feelings and worries, we can focus our awareness upon them before we end up creating the very circumstances we fear or saddens us. Rather than going down the rabbit hole of loss and pain to learn, we can choose to honour what we do have, to accept our now moment, and appreciate all that we do have and don’t, all that supports us. From this perspective and feeling we begin creating the day and moments we deserve and yearn for, we give and share more easily, we realise our frailties and those of others, yet we improve and grow, we care and love more easily and pretty soon we feel back on track, humble and happy.

This brings me to the Act and Art of giving and caring, appreciating the whole that sustains and nourishes all life. Like our breath we most often give little attention or appreciation to, and so it is with the humble bee that pollinates most fruit, plants and vegetables. The Bee is critical to our survival as a human species and gardening with bees in mind is an integration of another part that makes up the whole, a part that makes us whole.

“Here at Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us?, we hope that the spirit of harvest also reminds people that this diversity would not exist without the bees. They are an essential link in the agricultural cycle, and as they continue to disappear at alarming rates, the need to spread awareness about the causes and solutions to Colony Collapse Disorder becomes increasingly urgent.”

So BeeLove, shine your essence of Love and Appreciation to ALL, extend only your kindness to others, your appreciation and positive acceptance that we are all delicate, deserving of love and beauty. The energies we feel inside that resonate with honesty, hope, tolerance and generosity are the ripples in the pond of existence that we are blessed to share. So it is with this feeling that I share with you, like a bee that pollinates and nurtures our flowers and fruits, creating and spreading life, we all deserve a safe and peaceful sanctuary, harmony within diversity, beauty within life and family 🙂

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