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Pleiadian Update ~~

So what’s going on you say? There seems to be an infinite number of radiantly blatant and intense Earth and Human catastrophes and changes happening vibrationally and physically the world over.. We don’t have to be participating in Occupy Wall Street, or Suffering nuclear Fallout from Fukishima (apparently the worst man made disater of history), nor do we need to be living under military rule and dictatoship amonst wars on terror to realise things are pretty dire… Just look around you, who looks really healthy and vibrant, who is truly living Spiritually, who are the real Lightworkers, the StarBeings, the Enlightened Masters of Art, Culture, Peace, Sound, Frequency, Wisdom and Action? Is your life sustainable and beautiful, are your neighbors friendly, honest and loving, is your water and air pure, your food organic, your transport and home natural? Feed your heart the light frequencies that are embodied in divine health and ecological companionship, it is there we can tune into and heal the chaos, the imbalance, and restore harmony, radiant bliss and abundant life of peace and love the World over..

Let your mind go and allow your heart to take the drivers seat for a moment, that’s right just let goooo, let the grip of control and expectation go, enter that soft place inside that is warm, totally peaceful, relaxed, gentle and knowingly content with all that is.. In this space we do not have any problems, we do not need to do or be anything, we feel at ONE with all that is.. Now the trick ~ Hold this feeling ~~~~ When you are ready begin to move and speak from this place, guided by your heart, your love and graceful way, flow freely with the river of mystical bliss that awaits you, no need to paddle, your taken care of and so are those around you, it’s time to breathe in and in-joy this passage..

This exercise will get easier with practice, the more you walk and breathe consciously the more natural it becomes, the more life seems effortless and beautiful.. When you lose this connection it is best to return to a quiet space, connect to the 7 Sacred Directions and return to your loving Heart space.. Then as before follow your bliss, float freely, lightly, with kindness and gratitude in your mind, and Love and Universal guidance in your Heart..

What I’m getting at here is basically that we all have a choice to live in bliss and beauty, and it is totally amazing to realize that when we jump into the river and flow, untold adventures await, mysterious, totally majestic and magical moments await.. Now bend this thought and feeling further and realize that the magical and pristine world many of us want to create comes not by force, nor revolution, by through evolution, through realization.. When we become as Buddha and most other Light Beings teach, or more correctly share freely, self actualized beings, we live in and create “so called” miracles, we experience moments that are totally transcendent of 3D ~ 4D, realities that most humans can only fathom with TV Head..

This leads me to another recent Pleiadian message “you are going to see great changes between now and November, time to create a new world, one which lives in harmony with all the facets of humanity and nature. The old world is fast diminishing in a time compression spoken of in the Mayan Calendar. Yet that same quickening will support the manifestation of a new world of peace and prosperity for all. Unity consciousness is the future. Ride the wave. Release the past and trust in the future as well as the God within to guide your journey. Do not participate in the old world or act in any way that is harmful to humanity and the Earth. The future of Earth is set, how you choose to flow with this future or against it is up to you. Your choices will determine your tomorrow.” Pleiadian Message / Great changes between now and November

When we choose to notice and feel light energies, naturally more light energies come our way, like attracts like, where our attention goes determines what grows.. Our physical bodies vibrate at higher speeds connecting us with frequencies that are more evolved and harmonious, we feel elated, safe, beautiful and life is magical, a real living treasure trove.. The Magic and Illumination of our Planet comes from within you and me, “you are the unexpected magical element – the creative alchemist, mixing geometries, palettes and sound with the surprising and ever revealing artistry of your own consciousness.  By trusting the “hidden reserves” of your own mind, emotions and soul to creatively guide your experience here, you will receive that which is uniquely appropriate for you at any given time.”

I hope this update inspires you to shine ever more brighter to choose the path and feeling of love, to choose Light thoughts and Light Ways.. No-one really knows what lies ahead, many are suggesting total global economic collapse in 2-3 weeks, prophets are seeing and feeling great changes of magnitude not yet known to humanity at this time.. Bless yourself with Sacred Space, bubbles of violet light, sacred geometry’s and frequencies of love, all will be revealed as we journey with the River of Universal life… 🙂


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