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The New Eco-nomy ~

Ever wandered what the Eco in Economy meant? It’s amazing how distorted this word has become, how the fundamental feeling behind this word in modern times is greed and consumption, competition and control.. Yet the reality and truth behind this word is a feeling that is Light and Bright, a feeling of Family and Connectedness, Creativity and Co-Creation, Joy and Abundance, Peace and Love.. 

“Although there are many, many problems and issues facing humanity at this time, I believe the most crucial have to do with the deep tension between ecology and economy. This is ironic, because the root meanings of these two English words are hardly distinguishable. They both derive from the Greek word oikos, which means “household”. Ecology is the logos of the household; economy, the nomos of the household. Logos can be translated as “reason”, and nomos, as “law”, but their connotations overlap. Yet what is now meant by ecology is deeply at odds with what is meant by economy.Ecology and Economy

The New Economy ~ Basic Guiding Principles ~

A Reverence for all life, every stone, creature, plant, eco-system and human.. Every raindrop, grain of sand, flower, breath, cloud, Star, moment.. Everything is ~~~ Sacred and Protected ~~~ Now imagine the New Economy and how we share and live in Peace and Love, how beautiful life is, how we measure time and space, how we feel….

Ecologize Growth from StormCloud Media on Vimeo.

According to David Wilcock Disclosure is imminent… If your not sure about what disclosure means then have a close read through Part 1 of David’s Blog.. Disclosure is basically the release of the truth and reality that has been suppressed and controlled by governments, corporations, and the old world order. This scenario has created the chaos we now find ourselves, severe Earth changes, global economic collapse, riots, wars, starvation, dire extinction crisis, toxicity, disease, trauma, negativity, fear, mental disorders, etc etc etc.. Disclosure is part of Occupy Wall Street, the search for ET life and communication, super consciousness, freedom, bliss and Galactic Citizenship. Again the choice, keep sleeping and polluting, or Wake-Up and Shine… 🙂

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