Spring Vibes ~ Part 2

Continuing on with the Spring update and vibe I thought I’d share a few more pics that have captured some of the beautiful and magical moments during this time of the year.. The photos cannot capture the bees, birds, river, music, rain, thunder and lighting, trials and tribulations however, but I do hope to record these for another blog because I feel it is these energies that are very special and magical, part of the ingredients of Wilderness and Tranquility, Life, Diversity and Eco-System.. So until then, feel the energy of the images, imagine the sounds and smells, the wonderment and joy, the story behind the visual dimension. We are always soaking up information and energies from our environment, whether we are in buildings, traffic jams, groomed parklands, suburban gardens, wilderness eco-systems, anywhere and everywhere, I hope to share the feeling of my environment and life through these images..

Spring 2011 Part 2

[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_borage.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_berrigood.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_alice-in-wonderland-flowers.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_horses-foals.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_poppies.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_rainbow-chard.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_rainbow-flag.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_seed-soil.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_seeds.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_skyset.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_strawberries.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_october-4-leaf-clover.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_october-chicks.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_october-home.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_october-horses-dogs-clouds.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_october-horses-running.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_october-nectar.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_october-rain-afternoon.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
[img src=http://nohasark.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/spring-2011-part-2/thumbs/thumbs_community-gathering.jpg]00OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This time of the year in the Southern Hemisphere is the busiest most powerful abundant and life giving phase for most gardeners.. We are have just entered Full Moon, fruiting and leafy seeds for the Spring Season have all been planted and are ready for a BIG Fullmoon blast of energy over the next couple nights, then I’m sure the rain will come after this.. It is a time of transition and growth, renewal and sanctuary, seeds need to be planted very carefully, protected from harsh Sun, dry Winds, mice/rats, birds, ants, cold/hot etc..

To live in harmony with the Earth/Moon cycles we find ourselves more balanced and intune with Nature and the Universe, we do not get caught up in the dramas and pains of the world, the blame games, nor do the fight/flight scenarios of others effect us, neither do we participate, we are at peace and inlove when we are in the garden, healing our Earth above and below.. This energy I’m talking about is what Bio-dynamics is all about, the rainbows of light frequencies radiating down from above and the energies radiating back out from the Earth.. We as humans are conduits for these frequencies and it is very natural and life giving to be helping ground these energies into eco-system rehabilitation and regeneration ~

Healing the Earth through gardening is MultiDimensional and infinite, we exist in bubbles that have pathways to past, future, the beyond and the now all at once.. We live within bubbles that connect to other bubbles of realities that we have not yet comprehended and imagined, yet they are waiting there for us to explore and dive deep into when we are ready, when we realize they are there.. When we’re healing the Earth we are given codes and feelings, energies and light frequencies through the Sun that are lighting up our DNA strands and mini Universes in our minds and hearts, activating and radiating dormant codes ~ ignition.. We are healing as ONE with and within the bubble of Gaia, we are whole essentially… These are just my feelings, I am by no means an expert TimeJumper or Universal Master, I am just sharing what I’m learning, capturing the dew of consciousness and distilling it through more webs and interactions, please feel free to join in..

The micro and the macro exist at once in all things, and for me the best example and most comprehensive tangible experience of this is Seed… Seeds store consciousness, they are like the Zero Point energy level of life, the transition between worlds, sanctuaries of life and infinity, resting, emanating energy, storing life.. When we feel and know this energy, when we comprehend heaven in a grain of sand or soil, we find ourselves expansive and unconditional, total love and peace, not a worry nor demand of anyone or anything, all is perfect as is.. 🙂

Blessings ~ Blissings ~ Peace & Love ~ it is our Bright thoughts and our warm hearts that unite and create the Humanity we dream 🙂


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