11:11 Seed Frequency

There is loads of talk going on about 11/11/11.. From Feng Shui to Numerology, Astrology, Ancient Mythology, Synchronicity, Lemuria/Atlantis, Pleiadian Consciousness etc etc.. We all have different interpretations and resonance with this energy, so if your in the lurch to understand a little more about it then there is no better time than NOW to find out! For me 11:11 is a frequency and a guide that I am on track, that the portal of life that I am living through and within is right on track when I see the numbers.. 

Usually when I really tune into the synchronicity of the numbers, and the frequency at the time associated with what I am doing, the portal opens wider and many beautiful and magical opportunities arise, almost instantaneously..

The best way I’ve found to have clarity around 11:11 is through Gardening.. Planting Seed, Healing our precious Home, healing ourselves, creating Spaces of Love and igniting our existing Space’s of Love’s.. I made the video above which captures a lil bit of this essence during my Sunday bio-dynamic Good Fruiting day seed planting.. I hope you can feel the energy and similarity between 11:11 and Gardening, Consciousness and Living.. If you have read the Anastasia Ringing Cedars Books then this is exactly what the message is, it’s time to garden, to live simple, to create Spaces of Love and heal so we can become once again the beautiful and magical Beings we were/are.. This message is very similar to the Pleiadian message that we are to love the Earth where we live, to really nurture our Earth Space and our own Beings, living consciously co-creating consciously.. This pathway connects us to 5D and beyond, we can know and travel the Universe, we can birth children who are StarSeed, Light and Magical. Only those capable of loving and living in their Space’s of Love will be able to hold and resonate with the incoming energies from the Photon Belt that to others will cause severe stress, chaos, dis-ease, disappointment, failure, shame, fear, fight etc etc.. So choose your moments and paths carefully, throw out all that does not suit Love and Peace, Grace and Humility, and we can all walk together in joy and bliss 🙂

Some good insights Spiritually to 11:11 and 11/11/11 I feel special and worth looking into are:



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