Bee’s and Cosmic Gardenbeing

Indulging and integrating Starbeing & Gardenbeing, I felt I needed to connect to the consciousness and energy of Bee’s. So I found an old fallen tree by the river that had a big beautiful hollow section just waiting for some Bees to make a home in.

While you read listen to the magical Sunrise of Forever 01 Sunrise of Forever by The Bee Priestessesby The Bee Priestesses

Bee’s have been a very important part of most ancient cultures, revered and cherished not necessarily for honey, more for their cosmic gifts. “Today we’re seeing a new period of interest in bees. Media exposure of Colony Collapse Disorder, and the serious decline in bee health around the world, gives us yet another potent revelation of our ways in the world endangering the necessary balance and connection of all living things.

As our culture awakens to the knowledge that our values and lifestyles are tremendously damaging our planet and her health, we’re beginning to reconnect with the awareness of our deep relationship to the natural cycles we live within and the importance of finding ways to live as a world population that nurture and sustain our Mother, and all life within her. It seems that the magic our ancestors found in bees and the hive life is coming around again to assist us in the challenges we face today.”

Many regard Bee husbandry as a Poetic Art, and more than ever it includes saving, preserving and rehabilitating biodiversity and ecosystems. I really resonate with what Anastasia from the Ringing Cedars has to share about Bees and creating natural hives for them..

“Beekeepers today have concocted a lot of different ways of constructing a hive, but all of them involve constant human intervention in its operation — they move the honeycomb frames around within the hive, or move both the hive and the bees to a different spot for the winter, and that is something they should not do.

Bees build their honeycombs at a specific distance apart to facilitate both ventilation and defence against their enemies, and any human intervention breaks down this system.

Instead of spending their time gathering honey and raising offspring, the bees are obliged to fix what has been broken.

Take a log with a hole in it and hollow it out to enlarge the cavity. Under natural conditions bees live in tree hollows and cope with any situation perfectly well on their own. What you may not know is that bees’ probosces open up channels in the plants through which the plants take in supplemental information reflected by the planets — information the plants (and, subsequently, human beings) require.” Anastasia ~ The Ringing Cedars

I am still in the research and inquiry phase, so will have Part 2 up soon, and most probably it will never end. The energy of bee’s for me at this time incorporates the Hive mind, elevation/flight, community, unity, nature/natural, cosmic consciousness, garden, abundance, nectar, peace and love.. Bees are another beautiful and sacred being that is unfortunately caught up in the manmade pandemic Extinction Crisis, mirrored in the manufactured Global Economic Crisis, they need and deserve our dire attention and care, and it is through our care and consideration that we ourselves will integrate and remember the Cosmic Consciousness of Being Universal..

“We need to study the life of bees from the standpoint of the soul’. In the end, the world shows us whenever the soul element is missing in our lives. The current plight of the bees is showing us the impact of our limited understanding. The bees are reflecting back to us our own struggle to live in this world. Their encouraging message is to wake up to this fragile, wonderful and precious world, to awaken to a multidimensional world and to the unlimited world of the heart. May we all wake up” Rudolf Steiner

I hope this was useful and injoyable 🙂 InLakesh

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