Heartbeat of Shaman

We all have an inner Shaman that connects Electrically from the Earth to the Stars, and grounds Magnetically as we walk and sleep.. So during this powerful time of eclipses, New Moon – Full Moon, the Solstice, 2012 and beyond it is more critical than ever to awaken and live your Shamanic essence and truth…

Healing ourselves through plant medicines, in the wilderness, under the Stars and Sunshine, without talking, without distraction, drama, control, stress, fear, scarcity, expectation, we find our way back home.. Our home and sanctuary begins inside our own individual living temples, our own minds and bodies are essentially spiraling galaxies of immense energy and vibrancy, and we are the Gods and Goddesses that create, maintain, and have dominion of this mini universe.. So when we tap into this essence that we essentially have neglected and been taught to ignore, we tap into our StarBeing Shaman selves, where all the intimate answers to our biggest problems and our most intriguing imaginations are understood and take root if we so desire..

The jungle Prescription – Film Trailer from The Ayahuasca Project on Vimeo.

We need to purge much of what we have been taught in school, in business, history, health, potentials, time/space and perceptions.. Most of humanity is numbed down, eating toxic food, drinking poisoned water, breathing chemical air, wearing pollution and spreading pollution like an artist throwing paint onto canvas. The homes most western people live in are toxic soups, as are the cars they drive, the comforts, entertainments and pleasures, most include various levels of unsustainable and destructive elements that not only create and foster sickness and death, they keep human beings locked in cupboards of illusion..

Back to purging, clean it up and clean it out through fasting, meditation, simplicity, swimming, sunning, staring, creating, gardening, appreciating and loving. Align and resonate your heart with the beat of love, that vibration that shines and smiles, shares and cares, is considerate and respectful, playful and compassionate. The key to all the wonders that abound is being present, being in the now, listening, activating our awareness, and our perceptions that come from our hearts.. When we are living in the now moment we access true and authentic happiness, a frequency that is serene yet totally aware 🙂 Check out Living Luminaries, a sweet film of one mans path to discover and reveal happiness..

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