Lemurian 11:11

Ok Seems the portals are opening and have mysteriously allowed me to upload my 11:11 Lemurian Seed Crystal activation footage from the mountain tops of Moorea in Tahiti…

I took the footage on 11/1/11, not at all planned but just following the flow of life and spirit, and today is 1/11/11. The mountain is called Rotui, a very sacred Mountain that captured my imagination and 11:11 energy a few months before at 11:11 while I was searching the net for Sacred Lemurian energy, the intense portal of discovery ended and the next moment it was 12:12. So we had to go..The climb up was intense to say the least, the Shamans walk it was, a goat track along the ridge line you can see in the photo to the the right, entering from the bottom near the ocean. Every step was taken with precision, one continuous flow of step by step, like walking on a knifes edge. The track was not used much, definitely not by the casual tourist, it was very daunting, but equally very revealing and totally energizing.. The energy at the top was immense It felt like much of the mountains energy was focused up and beaming from it’s crystal core to the Stars, much like a Pyramid, so I could not stay there too long.

For me these mountains are ancient pinnacles from the Lemurian landmass that sunk during a time of great change many thousands of years ago, similar to the changes now occurring on Earth and within humanity. These mountain tops may have been covered in snow and were only accessed by Light Beings and Shamans, so the energy is very powerful and pure. It does feel like the roof top of the world, and I know that the energies here are birthing in the New Humanity, the love and 5th Dimensional frequency that our Earth is moving into.

Here’s the footage I took, I was in lala land and for some reason I just had to share some thoughts and feelings about Lemuria, Consciousness, Lemurian seed Crystals, Earth changes, Love and 5D Universal Being.. So as we move towards 11/11/11 tap into the feeling that is Unity and Love, the portal of 5D that we all have a choice to access and live by and within…

On the way down the Sun was quickly setting and I got the acknowledgment and confirmation that all went well with this massive Rainbow out to sea…


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