Spring to Life

Today is Yellow Electric Star a day of beauty, elegance, service, art and a deeper connection to our StarBeing essence.. So here is my offering to anyone that may appreciate..

Spring is quickly moving towards Summer here in Northern NSW Australia.. Everything is coming out of the woodwork, the insects are feeding, butterflies galore, garlic almost mature, berries in full swing, black cockatoo’s calling in the rain, and I have caught 4 Pythons around the Hen house, from 7 lil chicks I have only 2 left errrr!!

The grass is starting to take off as well, so the horses are happy. Not much rain so far, a few storms only and they were great, very electrical and powerful! The below footage is of the paddock across from home, the cows are not meant to be there, so finally the Cowboys came through with around 6 dogs and pushed them across the river. The cows either sneak onto our wilderness reserves, or reckless cattle owners snip fences to allow them access. So hopefully this is the last of them so the paddocks can heal and trees can regrow…

We have passed through some major celestial events of late, and it seems humanity is as prophesied going through a massive shift.. A word of advice, “Lock the Gate”! There are many people who are not coping well with these intense energies and are feeding off Light Beings like energetic Vampires. Beware who you allow into your Space of Love, your Heart Space, your Private Life, your Truth, it is a time that people without homes and gardens act in ways that are selfish and reckless.. Ignore anything that is not vibrating with Peace and Love, for this is the Age of Light and we have the choice to resonate with this energy, and only this energy.. The key to 5D consciousness is Heart ~ All those resonating with Love and Peace now and in every moment live in 5D realms that are harmonic with Gaia’s evolution.. There is no war, greed, fear, anger or pain in 5D, this is the New Earth, the New Humanity, the lower realms of duality fight/flight will exist in another time/space and will reap what they sow…

It’s a beautiful time of year, the river is a perfect temperature and life is abundant. We have soo much light now so the days are extra long and filled with so many opportunities. The light and heat ignites our Heart, and we have entered the White WorldBridger Wavespell  where “all we need in White Worldbridger time, and from White Worldbridger people, is to let the necessary deaths make room for another surge of life. We need also to feel, as the Maya did, the likelihood that dying is a direct channel to a heavenly realm, and that White Worldbridger is a means to access that afterlife peace and calm – available to us now as we have faith in it.” resonanttruth.com

Blissings, Love and Peace to all


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