The Four Crystals that have been sent to prepare us for the Energy of 2012 …

2012 is prophesised as a period of great change.  The Aztec and Mayan calendars stopped at this time for their wise ones could not see beyond this date.  The 2012 Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Southern is a time at which something old will die and something new will be born.

Ignorance is no longer an excuse.  It is time for all humanity to awaken to a partnership with each other, the Earth and cosmos! We need to become galactic citizens who care for the Earth and in sustaining the Earth we care for and sustain ourselves and each other.

As we draw closer to this time it is essential that we prepare ourselves to receive the new energy that will be available to us.  In actual fact the energy is available to us now we just need to know how to access and utilise it – to ‘wake’ ourselves up so to speak!

There are four crystals that have been sent to help us prepare for the energy surge.  By keeping these crystals with you and meditating with them regularly you will be able to raise your frequency and open yourself up to higher energies, support and guidance.


This crystal has an important role to play in the activation of the soul star.  Selenite can show us how to bring the divine laws and principles into our lives.  It basically will have the effect that spirit will find a home within us.  It is a slow and gentle process that allows us to integrate the new energies without too much chaos and drama.


This crystal is beautiful and when I hold it in my hands I feel its gentle pulsing of energy.  No pictures can do it justice and it is quite rare and fairly expensive in comparison to the ‘general’ crystals we are all familiar with ..

Kyanite is attuned to the etheric realms and has the effect of reconnecting us with our causal chakra.  Until we are ready for this it transmits gentle energy that is there ever encouraging and guiding us like a best friend would.

Kyanite allows us to transport ourselves where we want to go (astral travel) and activates the higher powers of our minds. It cleans and clears our energy pathways and if we commit to working with this crystal we will experience less suffering and a connection to the light.


Again more beautiful that we could imagine or than pictures can do justice to! Sunshine Calcite is one of my all time favourite Crystals and Calcite is like a twinkling smooth light source!

Calcite brings us the gift of ‘BEing’ and ‘Knowing’ like Kyanite its energy is gentle and allows you to move at your own pace in a comfortable way.  Calcite will help you to overcome cycles and patterns you keep repeating that sabotage you this crystal will gift you with insight and ways to change and evolve.

Through this crystal you will be able to access cosmic knowledge that is currently beyond your understanding.   Again you need to commit to working with this crystal and it will be a worthwhile commitment that will bring clarity, love, peace and a ‘knowing’ into your life.


Hematite’s role is to connect all we have learned through the other crystals into our bloodstream to recode each cell and create a blueprint of purer and more vitalised energy.  The great news is that effortlessly new positive patterns will replace outdated old ones that aren’t serving you.

Hematite is the main crystal for activating the Earth Star and is therefore the grounding element to this beautiful collection of crystals.

How I use and work with these Crystals …

Personally I have them in a little satin bag that I keep close to my body and try to have it located around my heart chakra.  At night I place them under my pillow (they must be kept within three feet of you at all times and for at least 30 days for you to feel and experience the long term benefits).

I meditate with them by holding them in my hands for eleven minutes (eleven is a very powerful magical number) and then I breathe the energy of them in, place them down and continue to sit in a meditative pose with my palms open to receive the energy from the universe and integrate it into my being.

Please feel free to contact me through the Ark if you want to know how to source the crystals and would like to know more about harnessing and working with their powerful transformative energies.

I would like to thank the beautiful beings that channel and share wisdom from the ancient civilisations and from our star brothers and sisters.  There is an invisble web of support available to us all and there are God’s and Goddesses everywhere who have dedicated their lives and path to connecting us with Earth and Spirit.  I express my heartfelt gratitude to them and hope we can all see how amazing they are and be grateful for the sacrifices they make as they are more evolved than us.  May we all be able to see their gifts as they relinquish the need for material ‘things’ and see that what they offer us is more sustaining and can fill us up more than we could ever have imagined!

Have a beautiful journey touched by spirit and nurtured by earth ~ we are blessed and we are loved 🙂

In Light Claire x


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