One of the most relevant films for our time we all should watch ~~~ Thrive~What on Earth will it take….

The film magically weaves terminator seed technology, GMO’s, Military/Industrial Complex, Zeropoint/Free Energy, Solutions, Banks/Greed/Control, ET Disclosure, Crop Circles, Deaducation, Chemtrails, Sacred energy fields, Healing, Love and much much more.. Totally revealing, very succinct and well documented, ATM the film can be viewed in Full for Free on the net if you look around, but it seems it is quickly being deleted.. I for one will buy the HD version from the main website and see it as a must have that clearly and simply illuminates the Global Situation we now live in and amongst, while sharing the Universal truth of Natural and Infinite Energy ~ Love and Harmony..

Creative Activationz to All, again we have a choice, choosing to Thrive, to unfold and roll out our inner and outer beauty is Natural and Universal… 🙂 All the clues are evident in Nature, the way birds sing, flowers unfold, schools of fish swim, seeds germinate and grow. All the answers we seek are right infront of our eyes, and from this place Light and Love are normal, Peace and Harmony is currency, Grace and Compassion are presents..



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