Full Moon Total Eclipse and Health

There is no better time than this Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse to set your goals for abundant Health, Happiness and Magic. We are living in a 3D body that does need 3D physical love and care, so it is no laughing matter to neglect our physical beings, while accessing and focusing only on Cosmic Events and Dimensions.. So this post will integrate both StarBeing and GardenBeing, it’s fully loaded so dive in, ask yourself what would Love do Now 🙂 I’ve included A Pleiadian Moon Manifestation technique that will help you create the beautiful life you imagine.

For us in Australia the Eclipse begins just before Midnight and is in Total Eclipse around 1.30 AM, so check your local times. Lets hope for clear Skies, if not tune in, it doesn’t really matter if we see the Eclipse or not because it’s energetic, so if the skies are cloudy, be like the blind, accept it, and use your intuition and cosmic tuning fork. Tune into your health as a vehicle powered by your Love, and download what you need, and cleanse what you don’t. Try to stay conscious for the whole event, integrate the feelings and energies arising through your breath and access those parts of yourself that usually do not get airplay. When the moon is in total eclipse see if you can notice some of the constellations in the sky that otherwise cannot be seen with the moons bright light. “The area around the Moon will be beautiful, with the Hyades and Pleiades clusters and the constellation Orion dominating the sky. In the east mars is risng above the horizon, and in the west Jupiter is seting.” http://astroblogger.blogspot.com/

Aldebaran is a pale rose star marking the right eye of the Bull, showing us the Pleiades which are in the sign of Taurus. “This jewel of a star cluster is a friend to both the night sky traveler and the pilgrim on the spiritual path. It is said that the Pleiades transmit the Light of God into our minds enabling God’s light to descend on Earth. Be blessed and spiritually empowered by their radiance through the spring.” http://souledout.org/. While Betelgeuse is in the Orion cluster, Polllux is in Gemini ~ the Heavenly Twins, and Capella is in the constellation Auriga.

I remember the last Full Moon Eclipse, and as usual the night time sounds of animals and insects were abundant with the Moons bright light, but as the Moon got darker the sounds changed, it became ever more quite and mystical, and at times was quite daunting. It was rather eerie and yet very beautiful, I imagined what these events meant to ancient tribes and cultures and it’s effects on their activities and consciousness. A profound and very interconnecting event that spans time/space boundaries and reveals the Unity in life.

“Everyone on Spaceship Earth is going through a metamorphosis in their point of view. What we mere humans forget is that no one sees the world as it is, but rather we see the world as we are. This is what creates confusion. It takes courage NOT to conform to the herd, so listen to your own inner voice as this Eclipse will affect us all for several years, but make no mistake, this is the opening or birthing of a brand new life.” http://newmoonastrology.blogspot.com

Everything is interconnected and so it is very important to care and love our 3D physical bodies, or inevitably we have to go back to our Starry homes and families and we miss out on the purpose, opportunity and journey we came to Earth for. So yes it IZ important to love our 3D selves. I do have to admit that I get caught up occasionally intertwined with and living amongst the 2D Elemental world and Nature Spirits, and feel the 3D/4D reality too dense and difficult, too much war and pain.. However it is not wise to neglect and block dimensions, especially the 3rd and 4th Dimensions unless we are intentionally connecting to certain other dimensions for specific reasons and time frames. Like our natural Kundulini flow that balances and energizes our chakra systems we need to have a beautiful and natural connection flowing through our 3D and 4D dimensional awareness and connectivity that is conducive to light and love, to Natural Health and Wellness in our Physical beings.

“Eclipses carry a more powerful energy than the average full moon. This one has a particularly interesting energy signature as the Moon is the focus of a yod with Venus and Juno. Venus carries the energy of love, resources and aesthetics, while Juno reflects marriage or general commitment. Both are associated with partnering, and the moon represents the emotional body and emotional needs. The yod is like a bow. It takes strong but somewhat difficult energy (2 quincunxes) and focuses it for opportune use (sextile). The focus is on the Moon in this case. Now you add in the Sun and what do you have? An arrow in the bow. Sagittarius is the archer! How apropos! With the Sun as ego opposing the Moon as emotion loaded onto a bow of love and commitment during what is a highly emotional time of year for many, well, that sounds like big possibilities!” http://www.elsaelsa.com/astrology/

Full Moon Eclipses are time portals, they act in our subconscious as a usual Full Moon to New Moon to Full Moon cycle, only it is over in just a few hours rather than the usual Moonth long process, a very special and potent time to harmonize and recalibrate. So while tuning into the Stars and the powerful energies of our Galaxy, also tune into and balance your own physical temples and Divine Living Beings. Know and Feel what health and physical vitality is, compost the old, the negativity, and sow the seeds of radiant positive glowing health. I recommend doing some deep stretches during the event, it will help integrate the energies into your cells and DNA.

Now for the juicy part and what we can do in preparation for the Eclipse and our manifestation towards our Highest Good for All. You might also like to read Pleiadian Essential Daily Practices, and ground yourself with the mediation before going into the manifestation tech.

The Moon speaks … from the Pleiadian Agenda … How to Manifest the Physical Reality that You Desire: Lunar Manifestation Technique

1)       Make a list of seven things you want in your reality. If you want this to work, be reasonable, go for what you really want, not what you think you want.

2)       Take your list and work with each thing on it. Take the first thing on your list, such as a radio, and say out loud to yourself, ‘I want a certain radio for a certain amount of money within a certain period of time.’ Describe the radio, the amount, and the time frame, and do not give a thought to how you will get it. Never think of a specific person or group who will get some­thing for you, because then you would be manipulating others.

3)       Ask yourself if you would really want the radio if you had it. Think deeply about this, because you clutter your mind with things you think you want but actually don’t. Be careful about this. If you really don’t want something, just let it go.

4)       Create three scenes of the radio coming into your reality; visualize these scenes in front of your forehead above your eyes, then take each scene and imprint it on your medulla oblongata (the place where your spine enters your skull). Remember, don’t visualize a specific person or place helping you get what you want. Do not manipulate the reality of others.

5)       Repeat this process until you have created a list of seven things you really want.

6)       Then, forget all about it, and put your list in a safe place.

7)       Check it periodically, and soon you will begin to notice that things on the list actually manifest. Every time something does manifest, cross it off and think of something else you want and add it to your list. Keep the list of seven going.

“Keep your word to yourself and others, you’ve got all the information you need to make some new choices, and forget about the people who tried to con you, use you or gain power over you, they don’t matter now, it’s all about how you decide to express your Divine Love! Yep, it’s in there, waiting for you to notice, that’s the key to Paradise! Hey, it’s your TRIP!” http://newmoonastrology.blogspot.com

Tune into the Naturix Dear Ones, we are deep in the Great Shift of the Ages, after 26 000 years we have entered once again the Age of Aquarius, 1 Full revolution in time/space, an enormous moment that can be difficult to navigate, to know and fathom, but when we align and reboot our systems to nature and natural time we flow with ease of passage.

Let me know how you go, I’m always inspired by your stories and insights, so don’t be shy, leave a comment or email me silentwavez@gmail.com.. If you in-joyed this message please pass it on, the more we are in Harmony and Bliss aligned with Celestial and Earthly events, the better off we ALL are, so lets share and like ripples vibrate the frequency of Love..

Love, Light and Blissings…


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