Mother Nature and Chemtrails

Observing Nature…. Do you look up at the Sky often? For most people this is an activity that hinders the path and flow of life, work, appointments and responsibilities.. However the sky holds untold and infinite lessons and creations, our sky is a portal that allows us to see and remember that we are Universal Beings on a Beautiful Planet within and amongst Galaxies, Dimensions and Natural phenomenon. But also the Sky reminds us that we are not “humans doing” jobs in economies locked in cages. We are imagination and beauty, we are natural and unique, part of a divine living and infinite matrix, part of love. So StarGaze and SkyGaze as much as possible, look up and outside of the fish bowl, you will be amazed at what you see!! This brings me to the flip side ~ ManMade clouds ~ Chemtrails….. The image on the right is natural, the images of clouds in the Gallery below are not!

Not only does the Sky hold untold beauty and magic it also harbors the secrets of the Military/Industrial complex that for what ever reason is choosing to drop highly toxic chemicals into the atmosphere known as Chemtrails. You can see some of these chemtrails in the images of mine above, these lines in the sky spread out into sky drift that creates a blanket of chemicals that eventually find their way into waterways, crops, over towns and into the air we breathe. It’s really quite disturbing and insidious to realise this, yet As Above So Below, it’s happening all around us in a myriad of ways, constant and relentless poisoning of the Earth and all that lives..

What can you do about this? If there is not already a local group of concerned people in your area start one, if there is join it! Share your feelings and report your accounts through photos, water testing, monitoring the local environment etc. Share video’s and documentaries about it so that people understand what is in the Sky and together we can stop this horrible atrocity.

Back to the Light and Beauty of the Sky… Above is a video made by the beautiful Polona, who reminds us to look above, to tap into nature and the realms of Angels and Fairies. She like me finds her most precious moments and connections to life and the Universe in nature rather than in human relationships. This is a common StarBeing trait ~ we yearn for home, our Starry home that is beautiful and magical, and in nature we receive messages and wisdomz that far surpass anything taught in schools or shared/aired in mainstream Media, or the usual human relationships we find ourselves in. Animals are also more aligned to natural and cosmic energies, they resonate at frequencies that are more whole, less disturbed and manipulated by thought control as most humans are, they hold a special and potent sacred connections to the infinite and divine.

Happy Sky and Star gazing beautiful beings of light 🙂 Remember we have the choice to live in paradise, we create it after all, and it begins inside you, inside me, inside us.

Love and Blissings xo


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