Natures Eve 2012

Seeing as though New Years is based around an inaccurate calender of control and manipulation, I would like to share something more aligned with Natural Time and Space. Everything does have meaning and there is no doubt that there is power and meaning behind New Years Eve, there is a global party going on after all in many parts of the world. But let me remind you that it is not necessarily A New Year, nor does 01/01/2012 herald the beginning of the much anticipated Golden Age.. 2012 is an Era, a Time and Space understood by many Multidimensional Conscious Beings, Tribes, and Cultures, it does not simply all happen at the stroke of Midnight.. This is why so many prophecies and alarmist dates and times do not match up and why it’s easy to be dismissive as many are and say things like “Nostradamus said the world would End in the year 2000, and it didn’t”.. But the reality is that this period of time is akin to a grain of sand, it is a moment in Time/Space that centers around the feeling of 2012 where the Earth aligns with the central Sun of the Milky way, and we are showered ever more intensely with Light frequencies that were not available until roughly 40 years ago when we slowly entered this alignment.

My New Years Eve Message… Health and Harmony come from Live Food….

Focus on the positive, focus on what you want, what you have to give, to share, what your thankful for… Theses elements are basic feelings of high vibration states, not fluffy airy fairy notions, they are scientifically proven, mathematically understood through sacred geometry and codes, but they are seen and felt through our ways of being, how we shine, smile, move… When we think loving thoughts towards water, the mico water crystals form magical patterns and shapes, they become harmonic and vibrant, structured in divine geometric multidimensional codes, emitting high vibrational frequencies.. Now remember we humans are made up of around 70% Water, so what we think and feel is what we create.. It is well known also that babies are around 90% water and as we grow and age we become lesser Water Beings, dropping to 50% in many cases ultimately creating disease and death..

This brings me to being SuperHuman, Super Healthy, Vibrant and Happy. There is a plethora of ingredients required to create this way of being, we need the right amount of high quality Sunshine, Star time, Fruit, Air, Water, Movement, Intimacy, Nature and Animal time, Peace and Silence, Love and Joy and on and on it goes over the Rainbow and back again.. It’s infinite and that is the journey, a never ending ever evloving spiraling passage of consciousness, so don’t get overwhelemed by all the ingredients, or where your foot needs to tread next, just keep walking, keep congratulating and appreciating yourself for all that you are “Now”… We are perfect in our perfection!

Inspire yourself each and everyday while staying aligned with your goals and purpose, staying focused on your dreams and Solstice codes, your New Moon revelations and insights. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, to fall off the boat, to slip, and it’s human nature to, so take it easy take it slow, take each moment with the breath of Grace… The main ingredient that wraps the whole shabang into a neat and portable vessel is Optimal Health. When we have Vibrant and Abundant Health we have access to everything else, so eat as much Raw Organic fruit and vegetables as possible and only this if your Super Keen for total Health and Wellbeing. Raw food is rich in Life Force, Light particles, the Sun and Stars, Minerals, Vitamins and Nutrient dense water that will keep your alive, fit, infinite and magical… We have been conditioned and programed to eat cooked food, to overdose on chemical cocktails made with refined sugar, salts and spices, and for many dead animal flesh that rots and festers away inside the human garbage dump creating disease, pain and a slow demise..

“The Tzolkin is the ‘key’ to both terrestrial and celestial processes. It’s kind of the common modulator or common denominator of the two realms. This is how we can understand Mayan astrology. They discovered the numerical and ritual key. Most important in the astrology is the reference to the human gestation period. As such, our own basic and shared rhythm of unfolding is seen to be intimately related to the cycles of the planets, moon and sun. This is more than just planets ‘influencing’ us – rather we share the same rhythms of unfolding that the planets do because, ultimately, everything springs from the same source. Everything, on some level, has been imparted by the same rhythm of unfolding and is therefore related by a form of synchronistic correspondence.”

There is now an abundance of evidence both in research and case studies of people and cultures that eat mostly Raw food and they all come to the same basic conclusion, Health and Happiness come from Living Food and Natural Hygiene, Family and Sanctuary. It sounds common sense doesn’t it, and it is, so if your looking for A Transcendent New Years Resolution, tune into Natural Time, discover the Tzolkin 13 Moon Calender, Garden daily, celebrate your Family and Loves, and eat Raw Organic Fresh Food. All the rest will naturally and gracefully fall into place.. 🙂

Have a listen to the radio show below for more updates and insights into the Light of Humanity, what we as ONE collective of Love and Humility are addressing and realizing.. There are many inspirational speakers interviewed on the show creating a diverse very entertaining and uplifting feeling for the path further ahead and into the 2012 Era.. There are many dangers ahead, so more than ever remain vigilant to Love, to Compassion and Care, stay close to Family and Simplicity, your Mind and Life in balance with Nature.. InLakesh

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