Starbeing life in heART

Just a quciky..

Today is good planting day for Fruiting plants !~ Whoo hoo! 🙂 With the Moon in Taurus and the Mayan day being Yellow Planetary Star, we are surly in for a Creative and Beautiful day….

I perfect in order to beautify

Producing Art

I seal the store of Elegance

With the Planetary tone of Manifestation

I am guided by the power of Universal Water

And it’s a Galactic Activation Portal day too! So throw your hats off and injoy the day :).. If you did not catch the latest Universal Traveler show by Yellow Star please do tune in, he is one of the most competent and intuitive Universal StarBeings on the planet… Cosmomorphogenesis’ and the ‘AlphaMegamma’ Superwaves of Galactic Align-meant -part 2

Tuning into Universal Consciousness through Love and Grace generates infinite compassion .. “Grace posits that the individual is unlimited if he or she comes from the heart. Utilizing grace as a practice will move you into your heart and teach you to operate from there faster than any other idea.” (The Pleiadian Agenda). What ever you do today, tap into your Elegance and Grace, flow with these energies and share them, create Beauty and Life through your heART, shine and sing ~ smile and others will smile too ~ what a beautiful gift to share, and how very simple 🙂

It’s off to the Garden, hiho hiho hiho. You can see how resonant Mayan Cosmology is when you look at and feel nature knowing the cycle and day we are living in. The image to the left is my day, it’s totally peaceful, dripping with Universal Water, life and beauty, all that’s needed is my creative loving expression and we have lift off! The black Cockatoo’s have just begun singing too, what a magical day!

I hope this message finds you well, puts a smile on your dial, and the ripples spread… InLight and InLove

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