Summer Love ~ Seeds of Light

I’ve been pretty busy in the Garden lately grounding down the cosmic energies with the Eclipse, Full Moon, Yellow Human Wavespell, Solstice coming on and soon the much anticipated 2012. There is so much going on Planetary wise, humanity is really shifting with the Earth Changes, economies in Europe and the US are at breaking point, loads of Earthquakes, severe storms, drought, wars, it goes on and on, see The Extinction Protocol for the latest.

However we need to focus on Light on Love, and to share only this, to live only this, to not participate in anything less, to heal and co-create beauty, joy and harmony. So I decided to put together some images from life over the last couple weeks to share this feeling.

In~joy the Summer Vibes Gallery, it captures the essence of Life and Love much more eloquently than my words can ever hope to, and with the energy there I hope you get inspired to Shine and Heal, Love and Laugh. Life is so very precious and beautiful, when we share love we help stabilise the frequency of light and we heal ourselves and others. Watch in Full Screen, let your thoughts drop away, and feel..

Summer is well and truly kicking in here, although the heat has been mild, today the top is just 21 degrees, a very delightful temperature to say the least, we are blessed indeed. We have had the perfect amount of rain, the garden is glowing, animals are happy and there is general good feeling in the air that all is wonderful, love and inlove. There is nothing quite like seeing the joy in my Animal families eyes knowing they totally appreciate my hard work and love, they smile through their eyes and their hearts, say thankyou for the love and care they receive, and they too give it back whole heatedly. A special time for all, balance and harmony, give and take, share and be shared.

I would like to share the powerful video below also from it really affirms the reality we create begins in our Hearts and our Intentions, a reminder of the power within to choose our thoughts carefully, to resonate with the flame of Light and Love through our words. Again In~Joy and InLakesh’

Love n Rainbow Light Noha

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