Alchemical Vs Natural Food

The Alchemical Raw chef, or Raw Natural Living?

By now most of us have seen products around the traps that range from Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat and Barley Grass powders, Cacao, Probiotics, Maca, Colostrum, Ormus, Reishi Mushrooms, Chaga, Marine Phytoplankton, and many other concoctions that seem to have an infinite amount of rare and exotic, plants, animals, minerals, nutrients and monotomic cosmic energies and vitamins in them.. Sure they work, they are infinitely more powerful and natural than synthetic chemical drugs produced in laboratories by corporations that use animals and humans as lab rats and slaves. But do we really them, either of them? Do we really need to exploit rare mushrooms or berries from the Peruvian mountains, do we need to spend enormous amounts of money on exotic natural “green” powders to feel healthy, to live healthy, to be dis-ease free? Check out David Wolfe’s Longevity Warehouse, you can spend your life’s savings there, but who’s really profiting from your longevity?

Speaking of “Avocado” research the 80/10/10 diet and why Avocados and Fat really are a recipe for disaster, dis-ease and medical corporations. You can see here in the below video that “Avocado Wolfe” is a highly dynamic and crowd pleasing individual, and possibly a lot of what he says could be true, albeit it not yet recognized by science. But to be frank he is a salesman and a good one at that. “Cacao is the Sun” DW

Most people need “SuperFoods, just as most people use and need synthetic drugs to alleviate illness and pain, because their lifestyle and diets are lacking the nutrients, fitness and correct balance of Raw living food and Fat. So apparent Superfoods come in to alleviate the missing ingredients, and although they are natural perse’ they are masking the reality that a natural lifestyle gives us super health and super joy. Why not just eat a healthy natural diet? Many of us are lost in the maze of what a healthy diet is and that is understandable, but to cut to the chase, outside of marketing ploys and media hype, where in lies the truth? Hmm maybe in nature, maybe along the roadside, in the forest, the mountains, the countryside, maybe nature already has created the most healthy diet just waiting for us to pick and eat? “I have had enough of calling my diet, LFRV, Raw Foodist, and other terms that don’t have a future in drawing in a unified definition and marketing potiential for the masses. 10 years ago very few people knew what a ‘Vegan’ was. Β Today it’s the buzz word for being ‘green’, ‘ethical’, and ‘healthy’. Β It’s time to take it to the next level folks. I eat a Fruitarian Diet.”Β  Michael Arnstein

First start with Organic Fresh Living food, it might cost a little more but you are supporting life, environmental sustainability, and your buying produce that is loaded with nutrients and electrical energy. Antioxidants for health and sums it up well “Does organic produce have more nutrients? According to the Journal of Applied Nutrition, organically grown fruits and vegetables have significantly higher nutritional content than conventional produce. Organically grown apples, wheat, sweet corn, potatoes and pears were examined over a 2 year period and the results showed that they were:

  • 63% higher in calcium
  • 73% higher in iron
  • 118% higher in magnesium
  • 178% higher in molybdenum
  • 91% higher in phosphorus
  • 125% higher in potassium and
  • 60% higher in zinc than conventionally grown produce.”

Best to grow your own Organic food, forage in the Wild and share with neighbors and friends, but until you can access food this way, buy Organic produce and your on your way. Research the 80/10/10 lifestyle to get an understanding of how much you should be eating, how much exercise you should be doing, how much fat you should be eating. You will soon see the light at the end of the maze like many others have, realizing that true health and well-being are just a bowl of fresh fruit away.

I hope this inspires you πŸ™‚ it has inspired me that’s for sure! If you have any comments or lessons to share please do so, it all helps and moves us all into the direction of Love.. Remember there are 2 basic emotions, Love or Fear, love vibrates at a higher frequency, a faster octave that ignites our DNA strands and activates the dormant strands. The fear/control propaganda creates a slow oscillating vibration that renders most of our DNA codes useless, and the Human Being defenseless and senseless. Love is the pathway to SuperHealth and SuperPeace, choose Love and Love chooses you πŸ™‚ Inlakesh Dear Ones


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