Paradise is Love Shared

Thought I’d share a lil video I made that captures some of the life and colour here at OneSong over the last week or so. We had a dry spell for a couple months, and now we have a wet spell, some minor flooding, roads cut, car submerged, rivers swollen and neighbors isolated.. I must admit that although the rain can be a hassle it is a beautiful gift that generates so much life. My dream is to create a Food Forest Ecosystem, a sanctuary for a Raw Food Paradise Community, so I love nothing more than a good spell of rain to activate the life that lies dormant during dry periods. I’ll let the video do the talking, sharing the love 😉

I guess also what the Video captures is the need for us all to make some hard decisions, to choose life and love over routine and pain, to create harmony in and around us so that we are safe and our Mother Earth is once again a sanctuary for beauty and abundance. We need to stand tall for our truth, to be leading examples and shining lights to our families, friends and strangers, to illuminate the dark corridors and make whole what is not.. Inlakesh 😉


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