Saving our Biodiversity ~ Plant some Fruit Seed today!

Most people who eat fruit throw their fruit seed away, hopefully into the garden or compost heap, but this usually ends the life of the seed. It’s much more wholistic and creative to save the seed for a day that suits, pref when the Moon is in a Water or Earth sign close to Full Moon to plant the seed. Many of us have been conditioned/programmed to live in a throw away society, where we can always buy another one, there will always be another one at the shop, but hey maybe there won’t. The reality of this situation is akin to the frog in a pot of cool water that slowly boils, not realizing the predicament until it is far too late to do anything about it. Let me alert you to this very realisation, it is already far too late, however we do have options and opportunities available to us when we realise this situation and act now. Since the 1900s, some 75 percent of plant genetic diversity has been lost as farmers worldwide have left their multiple local varieties and landraces for genetically uniform, high-yielding varieties. Today, 75 percent of the world’s food is generated from only 12 plants and five animal species.”

These are alarming statistics yet most people do not realise what’s going on, nor the plight and far reaching effects of this predicament. Like the food sources most humans live off, we are becoming more of a Monocultued species of “Humans Doing” through Corporate and Political greed and control, rather than the Unique and Diverse Multidimensional Beings we are capable of Being. I know even in my garden there are many fruits, veggies, herbs and plants that if I wanted to share with anyone else outside the garden, by the time it reached them it would be wilting, most probably bruised, and lacking the life essence that I injoy when freshly picked. This very reason is one of the many forces that pushes commercial growers to farm only varieties that travel well, many even using genetically modified seed that ensures this process to move food from one country to the other side of the planet, creating “super uniform indestructible” yet tasteless, toxic food. It’s a Money game! Don’t be fooled by this seemingly convenient way of purchasing food, even when buying whole foods, because not only is the food usually blasted with an array of radiation, gasses and other toxic preservatives, the whole process from seed to store is an horrific tale of pollution and ecological degradation, riddled with trickery and fear..

Do not lose hope Lovers and Co-Creators, there are many proactive avenues to explore and like many things, the answer is in the Seed.. Seeds are amazing, many hold codes and ancient memories of times previous to this man-made debacle, and when we plant them with this understanding we can activate dormant energies in the Seed that are brimming with life from era’s when the Earth was pristine. This is a massive topic to share in a tiny blog post, the tip of the iceburg, but like an alchemical elixer ready and prepared, so are the Seeds, all we have to do is plant them, care for them and magic happens. The key is to save your seed, to share them and plant them, even if you are living in a climate not suited there are now numerous methods to grow Tropical fruit trees in cold climates using creative designs, methods and smart energy strategies. Planting fruit seeds do require our attention to detail, they usually take years to produce fruit, if at all, but many will, don’t listen to the commercial growers that will tell you the seed will not bear fruit, in all manner of possibility it may bear the most tantalizing fruit you have ever tasted 🙂

Get out there and plant some fruit seeds today! The Biodiversity of life rests in our awareness and our willingness to act, there is nothing more heart breaking than to see Good People do nothing, and this is a time that we need to do something. It’s a simple act to plant seeds, yet it’s energetic imprint is far reaching…

For more information on this topic have a read of the USING_BIODIVERSITY_FOR_FOOD_DIETARY_DIVERSITY_BETTER_NUTRITION PDF


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