Time to plant your Fruit Seed

Aloha Groovers of Life n Love 🙂 Happy 2012, and as many have said “We Made It!”

This is just a quicky to remind all the Green thumbs out there that Tues – Thurs the Moon is in Taurus, and heading for Full Moon on the 9th.. So it’s a great time to get your Fruiting seeds into the Earth. This is also the perfect time to realise and relish the opportunity to fruit ourselves, to expand our consciousness and to put into action all those beautiful and magical dreams and insights we have for 2012.

Fruit seeding is a very powerful way to heal the planet, to heal Eco-systems and ourselves.. It is one of the most empowering activities we can do, where actions speak louder than words, where we humans live and share the fertility of life and diversity, beyond corporation and consuming..  I will do a full write up and video about it after the seeds are sown and the garden is happy 🙂 Today is preparation time, preparing seed raising mix, pots, trays, garden plots, and seeds… It’s easy to miss these critical planting times so thought I’d send out the ripples so as many people as possible get out there and Plant the Seeds of Life n Love at the Right Moment 🙂

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