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Aloha travelers of Light and Love I thought I’d share a little bit of my journey into wellbeing and health into 2012. I felt that it was time to really step into the next level of consciousness and living life more aligned with the energies of this time. I hope I inspire you to do the same because the more of us living and being light and love through natural health and eating, fitness, and awareness the better off we are as a whole.

OK first things first, if you eat dead animals, it’s time to give it up, yep right now!!! Your not only killing innocent animals and contributing to torture and inhumane treatment and exploitation of living divine beings, you are also destroying countless ecosystems, and not just external ones mind you.. You are essentially killing yourself, walking graveyards with rotting flesh and festering disease.. Enough said, do some research if you don’t trust me. I’m sure most readers here already know this, but just incase I thought I’d highlight it.

Next…. Wake-up and don’t go back to sleep, you can dream, astral travel and rest very deeply, but do not allow yourself to fall back into the faketirx, the reality of control and suppression, separation and sickness. To live the beautiful natural reality that exists we need to eat a diet of Organic Raw Fruit and Vegetables, preferably our own home grown food.. Yep no more cooking, tough aren’t I, but you can do it and why not, wouldn’t you rather be alive and living, bursting with lifeforce and super consciousness? Yes you would we all would but it seems so far out of reach, so far off in the caves of the Himalayas amongst incense and chanting monks, but in reality it’s not, it’s there waiting for you right now.. There is an insurmountable amount of evidence and research out there now that clearly depicts the reality awaiting when you eat raw food, so do yourself the greatest favour you can ever give yourself and discover what Raw Food is, how to prepare it, what to eat etc.. I recommend a frutairian diet, or for the more analytical the 80/10/10 diet which is basically fruitarian with just a smidgeon of fat, like a 1/3 of an avocado a day, the rest fruit, with some greens..

Finally for today, but there is so much more that I will share in my coming book, Exercise… Yes we all know about it, but it’s ever more critical to move, breathe and circulate oxygen through our systems daily during this powerful time.. I do it through gardening, river swimming, jogging and Yoga, and usually Surfing, but choose what works for you… We need to do this for many reasons and it ties in with eating Raw Living Food and a Natural lifestyle.. We naturally feel the vibrancy and electrical energies around us, we tune into the higher dimensional planes of consciousness that have been purposely blocked from our awareness and we become a conduit that radiates this energy.. So not only is it healthy for us, it is healthy for all those around us, even seemingly inanimate objects, they start to come alive and vibrate, things tend to flow effortlessly, repair themselves, appearances change.

Don’t be fooled by the meatrix program, it’s old and crumbling now, it’s pretty easy to see and choose not to participate in the mechanical treadmill, the sheeple mentality. And don’t worry about fancy prancy lotions and potions, or super radical packaged “food” products, stick with Whole, Fresh, Raw, Organic, Fruits, Herbs, and Vegetables, they have all we need and more. So your quest basically is quite simple, to Live, Share, Partake in and Create only Beauty… Keep this as your mantra until you naturally eat only raw food, your fit and participating in life affirming activities only.. Easy ha 🙂



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