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Is it Ok to just accept that we are all different, we are all free, we all have freewill? Do you practice “Live and let Live”? Are you so passive and easy going where anything that swings past your field of experience is tolerable and acceptable because we live in a free an unlimited Universe? Is it any of your business what I do, what others do, is it judgmental to look at others and see Stupidity and do nothing? Do you practice the “Do not judge me” attitude, judgement is duality and conflict?

Don’t we all judge daily, in almost every moment, don’t we judge whether this is a good decision or not, if this left turn in a crowded city street is safe and practical, or careering down a hill on our bike we judge the speed and sharp corners lest we fly off the edge into oblivion? Do you judge a good Apple from a Rotten one, a maniac drunk from a child admiring a flower, a polluted river from an oasis? Yes we do, we all use our judgement and discernment daily, it keeps us alive, it’s part of our instinctual and rational brain, our survival mechanism. Is it any of my business what you do, yes it is! We are all connected whether we like it, know it, or understand it, we all live in this bubble together, so lets play fair 😉


Why did one of the greatest minds on the planet to ever live say “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”? Albert Einstein. Was he being harsh or judemental? Maybe both, I don’t think any of us can argue with this man, what would be the point anyway, he’s not present to contend the argument, so lets just ponder what Stupidity is and is not, what moral and ethical livining is and is not. Lets evolve and make choices that are smart, beautiful, all encompassing, compassionate and just.

Is killing and eating an animal OK? Is it OK to eat a Cow and not your family Dog, how about a Gorilla, a Rat, an Elephant or Dolphin, what about an abandoned Child? Well some people eat any and all these things, some people discern and acknowledge that certain creatures are edible and others not. But ultimately we do not need to kill living beings with families and feelings or eat flesh to survive and thrive, nor is it healthy or peaceful so DON’T DO IT! “Since he has no language, he may be killed to make a tasty dish. Since she lacks the capacity to abstract and conceive the future, she may be hunted and killed for amusement. Since they are not capable of forming goals by considering alternatives, they may be used in lethal experiments. Since he lacks an epistemic relation to his interest in life, he may be killed in order that his body may be used for making soap and perfume. Since she lacks a cultural life, she may be trapped and skinned to make a fur coat. Does this reasoning make sense to you?” Steve Sapontzis: Consistency and Traditional Morality

“Live and let live” is particularly ironic coming from people who eat meat; they don’t “let live”! Mandi. “Auschwitz begins whenever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they are only animals.”- Theodor Adorno


Abstinence from animal products.
Harmlessness with reverence for life.
Integrity of thought, word and deed.
Mastery over oneself.
Service to humanity, nature, and creation.
Advancement of understanding and truth.

For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.
Pythagoras, mathematician

As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.
Leo Tolstoy, author

Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.
Albert Schweitzer

If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who deal likewise with their fellow men.
Francis of Assisi, saint

“Darwin Awards honor those who make the world a safer place for all by not reproducing. Darwin Awards traveled throughout 2011 “in search of smart.” This year we have a surprise winner: The Smart Report: The Darwin Award Winner for 2011 is… Homo sapiens sapiens. Endangered Species. This ‘wise man’ was is declared an official “Endangered Species” by the Darwin Awards. Due to the proliferation of stresses like infernal plastic packaging, climate change, and heavy traffic, this colorful species has earned the the “hats off to you!” imminent Darwin Award for 2012.”

So my dear friends lets choose the beautiful road, when you realise a better way to live then live it, jump into it, why wait! Recognize what your doing today has served you and those around you, but when you come across something that reveals another path, another choice, a more humane and evolved conscious choice, then walk that way without hesitation, habit, restriction or fear.. When there is so much evidence to prove that Humans do not need to eat meat, that forests and animals are needlessly destroyed because of meat eating habits and tastes, when you realise cooked food is dangerous to your health, corporations are greedy and deceptive, then change your direction if you partake in this stupidity now, it’d dead simple.. As good friend says quite often, “If your a meat eater your history”.. . If you have someone in your life that is not pulling their weight, or dragging “dead” weight, destroying life through selfish and destructive diet and habits, then illuminate their plight and selfish way of life, share with them alternative and creative solutions. It is not the time to just accept others as they are, it is a time to shine, to help others shine, to bring out the best of eachother. Harboring a family member in your own home who willfully contributes to the contamination and destruction of the planet through job, choice, entertainment, peer pressure, habit, taste etc only contributes and allows these atrocities to continue.. Give them a higher choice or an ultimatium to choose life and care for all, they can go hang with their toxic friends somewhere else if they want.

I’m not perfect none of us are, but we are perfect in our perfection, we are all evolving and revolving around eachother. I am a messenger, someone who has lived and contributed to destructive jobs and lifestyles, not because I thought it was right, I just did not know any better.. I now leap everyday, I find information out online and in nature and I integrate it, like taking off on a 10ft wave over shallow reef, I go without hesitation or fear. So I encourage you to do the same, it is your Business what those around you are doing, have a look deeper into the reality of what lies behind your actions and those around, if you see a steak on someones plate, see the animal that was living, feel the environmental degradation, how she/he lived and died, see the disease that the person will inevitably get if they do not stop now! And say something, plant the seed of Awakening and Alternatives to cruelty and suffering, disease and stupidity.

Often, vegan advocates assume that a person’s defensiveness is the result of selfishness or apathy, when in fact it is much more likely the result of systematic and intensive social conditioning.Melanie Joy.

Care and Compassion speak up for those without voice, now is that time for I have seen enough death and destruction this life time, I have felt the pain of too many animals suffering from humans that do not care, today I dedicate the tears I have shed on so many occasions that no-one ever saw to you. I share my tears and the tears of the bleeding trees and motherless kangaroos, and the factory farmed and slaughtered cows, I share this message in the hope that together we can create a world of peace and joy that encompasses all living beings ;) Inlakesh


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