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The Humble Horse, HumanKind/KindHumans

Too many people have horses and animals caged, tied, controlled, and used for their own selfish desires, most of these animals are  skericks of their holographic essence, most people use the animal as comfort, something to pat or ride. These animals are fed unnatural diets, living lives that mirror the chaotic and dysfunctional regime of the “owner”. It is all too common to drive through rural areas and especially in more built up areas to see horses corralled in tiny De-Natured confines, they are usually very bored, skinny, and sometimes even alone, basically they are captives. But hey in our speciest societies this is considered normal, legal and man’s right to use and abuse animals for pleasure and entertainment..  Well it’s not normal, ethical, natural or permissible in galactic society to treat any living beings in unnatural and disharmonious ways. So I made the little video below that shows my horses, how they live, how we live, how we share and unite as family, an alternative and a compassionate way of life and love.

My horses are still not totally free to explore unfettered, this is for their own safely really because if I did let them roam free they would inevitably meet up with a human that either sees them as a pest, food or property and will take action accordingly. So until this changes they have around 17 acres of land, river, ponds, stables, different natural native feed, and most importantly they have eachother, they have family. Horses have so many beautiful gifts to share with us, humility, grace, joy, companionship, steadfast unity and love, traits very few humans will ever realise.

I have a saying
When people come to visit my Space of Love
I trust they are as good or better natured
than my horses

I hope you injoy the video, even if you are not into horses or understand them, I hope you see the beauty and power in them, their loyalty and trust and the bond I have created with them in a natural way. This might inspire you to talk with horse “owners” about their horses especially captive horse “owners”, to share with them that there are alternatives, and if they cannot provide these essentials then they should find someone who can care, love and provide a suitable habitat and family for their horse, or animal for that matter.

Anything not built upon the universal nature of reality, the Naturix, which is love, intelligent order and unity, is Linear and Divided. Unity is natural order, a spherical bubble of energetic light and power that is harmony, it is well-being for all, the highest possibility available for all, and we all have the opportunity to tune in and resonate with this frequency in any moment. Be the IAM preence, share good, share love, try not to contribute to PLOM (Poor Little Old Me) people, “victims”, those who blame, ridicule and spread drama, fear, lies, propaganda and negativity, particularly those begging for “donations”. Beware of Convert/Overt Mind Control, BMO”s (Behaviour Modification Organisations), GMO’s, Frankenstein food and people. Support what is beneficial for the highest good of all, support Peace, support and care for natural life and we find ourselves in the slipstream of unlimited joy and blissful insight and purpose..

With Love and a soft gentle heart 🙂


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