Life or Death ~ Friend or Foe

Now this post is not really for anyone who is conscious, loving, peaceful, caring, and compassionate to all living beings, although if you are I’m sure you will in-joy,  and you can share the info with others if you like.

This post is basically for those that are not Vegan, those who eat animals, those who contribute the the destruction of life, the captivity, slavery, torture and use of animals as commodities, food, entertainment, folly or experimentation (you get the drift!).. Please don’t turn a blind eye if you wear fur coats, eat commercial honey, indulge in eating beings that once had families, eyes, nose, feet, feelings, or if you suck and slurp milk from udders. Not understanding the facts about your diet is partially acceptable, we are force fed media lies that generate profit for drug, military, industry, food corporations that basically rape your mind of any truth and care for life outside your own. But when presented with the facts a wise and compassionate person investigates, usually not necessarily for the wellbeing of life and ecosytem, but more selfishly for their own Life and Health. So take this warning seriously, mark my words you will suffer a horrible sickness and death, which is simply the karma, or the consequence of living in ignorance and conspiring to kill or partake in atrocity if you do not follow the Rainbow Bridge of Conscious Living. It’s a no brainer! Come learn with me, I’m new to it also 😉

Don’t say you were not warned, nor given alternatives, or the facts, here are some links to research:

  • Animal slaughter, abuse and cruelty. Behind the Screens – Yes sounds horrible, but if you eat animals or products from animals then READ/VIEW, it’s and order! (for your own health and sanity of course, and your families)

  • Why Vegan – Dive in, dedicate at-least a few hours to this website, it will change your life 😉

  • All About Veganism – One of the best sources out there, read this website thourally, and watch the lecture given by Gary Yourofsky, you won’t go back to your old habits

  • 30 Bananas A Day – Once your living Raw Vegan and you’ve read 80/10/10 join over 9000 people living it!

  • Towards Freedom ~ “Illustrious urls of incomparable inlightenments!”

There is irrefutable evidence now that clearly depicts the correlation between eating flesh with cancer, heart disease and a whole malady of so called common diseases of the Western World. “The eating practices of most people are matters of habit and custom, rather than of intelligent planning. Our people are influenced more in their eating by advertising than they are by any knowledge of foods. They eat what has been made to taste good, rather than what is truly good. They eat foods which they know contain poisons- chemical preservatives, coal tar dyes, artificial flavourings, etc-with no thought of these poisons, and reject good foods only because they have not learned to eat them. Seasonings, rather than flavours of foods, determine what is liked by their undiscriminating tastes.”-Dr Herbert M.Shelton.The Hunza Health Secrets

Until recently I thought Vegans were skinny, unhealthy, worrisome folk that were overly sensitive and not well adjusted. Why? Media brainwashing basically, also some Vegans eat too much cooked food and consume too many nuts and grains which cause health issues. However I have since realised that there are many Vegans out there that are stunning in health, vigor, strength and love. Some call themselves fruitarian, even breatharian (Jericho Sunfire image on the left). Besides the health benefits “Veganism is a lifestyle designed to respect all living things as fully as possible. In particular, vegans try very hard to treat other sentient animals with real concern for their interests. We do not use their bodies for our own purposes. This means that we do not use their flesh, milk, eggs, fur, feathers, fiber, cocoons, honey, or wax. We do not use their organ systems for research, or manipulate their behavior for our entertainment or education. We try to engage in relationships with others only when they freely engage with us. Most importantly, we consider them not as property, but as living beings.”

OK enough said for today, now go do your research! You will know how successful, intelligent, caring and integrative you are from your research by the amount of breathes it takes you to become Vegan or Beyond.. Some people it’s just one breath away, the breathe that takes your breath away when you realise your complicity, your concern, your child, or the sadness you see in the innocent pig imprisoned, harassed, mutilated and poisoned in a cage it’s whole life so you can have bacon for breakfasts on Sunday mornings.. Or it might take you a week, a month, some even years, however as stated above these people are not the brightest or friendliest characters, and to be honest not being Vegan might soon illicit dire consequences for those involved in the near future…

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