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The Great Boycott – Save the Bees and we save Humanity

Ever wandered what life would be like without all the modern conveniences made from raping and pillaging the Earth? It’s common knowledge that much of the Western world runs on oil, oil that is used to create plastics, run our cars, paint and furnish our homes, used in mono-cultured agriculture chemicals and fertilizers to grow mass produced commercial food, and anywhere in between. We are breathing in, eating and sleeping with very toxic substances, contributing to the destruction and demise of natural habitat and ecosystem, and our own health and consciousness. Not smart, not HumanKind ;(

We depend on nature, not the other way around.. Like fleas on a dog, human parasites will not kill the Planet, the planet can shake herself clean from the parasites

Is it not time we boycott as much toxic substances as possible? Why should we allow or even consider the use of toxic chemicals, materials, products, clothing, jobs or transport? Why do we participate in killing the Earth? It’s easy, most people are killing themselves, poisoning their minds with media brainwash, conforming to unnatural time, controls and regimes, operating on programmed frequencies designed to numb and distort reality, peace and serenity.. Then most of these people eat food that is laced with chemicals, hormones, pesticides, gasses and deformed laboratory genes.. Not only is the food already genetically altered, most people distort the food further through cooking, where new chemical reactions and severe heat further distorts and creates new indigestible molecules. Eating and living amidst poison not only contributes to ecosystem decimation, but severely impairs the health and wellbeing of the consumer, causing dis-ease, pain and suffering.

Inessence man’s destructive habits and lifestyle choices are pushing Bee’s to extinction, to ‘Colony Collapse, “a term given to describe the mysterious decline of the honeybee populations across the world beginning around 2006 according to the  After the winter of 2005-2006 beekeepers in the United States have been losing up to 1/3 of their bees.” Bees Essential For Human Species Survival. “In 2010, the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) released a report highlighting the importance of bees to our survival. To simplify it states that; without bees.. the world as we know it may disappear before our eyes in a matter of years”” The BEE all and end all?; The bee extinction crisis.

Guess what the 10 Possible Causes of Colony Collapse Disorder are?

It’s horribly sad that Bees are suffering Colony Collapse, and dearly important to provide safe habitat for them. But it’s effects are far ranging and inclusive of humanity and all life on Gaia, the extinction of Bee’s is the extinction of Humanity. Make a beehive, not for Honey, but for life, to give and share your creativity and love, to give more than you take, Bee the Way! Contemplate your lifestyle and the way you consume, the toxins you are buying and contributing towards, and make a change.. We are all in this bubble together, choose to participate in lifestyle choices that are harmonious and conscious, considerate and delicate to all life, be the Change, be the Way, say No to as much toxic ecologically destructive daily choices as possible. Choose life and life will choose you 🙂

If you have not read Part One here is the link Bee’s and Cosmic GardenBeing. I tried to document as best I could the creation of a Natural Bee Hive based on Divine instruction from Anastasia. I have no idea when the Bee’s will arrive, but I feel I have done my job, and they will do theirs. I have heard on the odd occasion a very loud hum or buzz and looked up to see a huge swarm of Bee’s traveling somewhere, so I assume in the near future this will happen to the hive I made. My next job is the creation of more flowering plants in the garden, so I plan to always have as many flowers in the garden as possible, as much nectar as possible. I feel having a Bee Colony near the garden will create a beautiful and protective abundant frequency, a resonance that hums with life, music that is natural and powerful. Tuning into nature we receive more information than any University lecturer can share, we have direct contact to dimensional realization and in-light-en-ment. Bee’s are one of the most fascinating and cosmically conscious creature on the planet, so invite them in and they will share with you the wisdom and love you dream of..


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