Equinox – Balance in Being

Happy Equinox everyone!

We have reached the balance point where the day and night are equal, marking the Southern Hemispheres progression towards the Cold of Winter, while the Northern Hemisphere moves towards the Heat of Summer. Traditionally we see this moment as a time of balance and harmony a time to prepare for the journey ahead, the change of season.

I initially had this post all prepared and ready for the day of the Equinox, however the internet gremlins had other thoughts and my whole post was deleted. I was not happy as you can imagine, but this feeling only lasted a min until I realised and remembered all is Balance, all is meant to be. We create all things, we are part of the hologram that surrounds us, so I took my own advice and knew there was a reason, and possibly a blessing, nothing to get annoyed about, lest I create that paradigm.

So moving on with this experience I did find the gem amidst the change, I also found the balance and the peace in change. I realised that although the exact moment of the Equinox had past, that this moment in time was not a 180 degree turn or shift, it is merely the apex, the turning point. When we learn to steer our own vessels with a smooth and consistent flow of energy, with and within the balance and harmony of nature we reap the benefits of seed to harvest and return. The day of Equinox is when our Earth begins her turn, she shifts her energy and begins the gradual movement towards her peak polarity being the Solstice of June 20 2012 when the Southern Hemisphere has its shortest day, and the Northern has it’s longest, a time of extreme dark and extreme light.

The key for those interested in living harmonious natural peaceful lives is to remember our balance, to plan for the seasons ahead, to turn our ships towards the changes coming. For those of us moving into Winter we need to plan for our warmth, we need to balance the amount of light we breathe in so as not to be consumed by too much darkness, too much Yin and that cold damp feeling. While those moving into Summer need to balance and prepare for the warmth, the Yang, and the extra light by making time for rest, cooling off, attracting more Yin into your lives, and the lives in your garden so your plants, animals and Elementals have shelter from the excess light and heat.

So do no be discouraged if you missed the BIG moment, the day of Equinox, if you did. Life is not linear, it is whole, a flow, a spiral much like our DNA that is moving further towards 12 strand activation as our planet is flooded with Galactic light energy, creating Dimensional shifts and rips in perception and reality, time and space. The Sun has been emitting many CME’s over the last couple weeks, the peak of it’s 11 year cycle, powerful Solar flares which have been directly and indirectly effecting the Earth and our consciousness, some experiencing chaos and pain, while others in-light-end energy and powerful attunements. It is a very precarious time, threats of WW3, Economic doomsday, earthquakes, volcanoes waking, anarchy, martial law, and seemingly endless pain and suffering for many people and cultures, animals and species.. Our part in all this is to move with grace, to be whole in our roles, to make peace, mend, heal, love and care, we are the one’s we have been waiting for and change can only come when we change, love and heal ourselves, to live and be examples of THE WAY.

So plant your seeds today that are in harmony with the times ahead, save, store and share those that are not, nurture your plants that are growing, your dreams that are close to you, your visions and family. The time ahead is going to be tough in many ways, but keeping a level head, an open heart, a peaceful clean and pure bubble of love around us will ensure these times will be truly beneficial to our spirits and those around the planet. Remember to love and accept love, to acknowledge our circumstances, to accept what is, to realise and re-member your IAM presence your IZIZ, your inner divine spark of love and light, your crystal clear focus and purpose. Keep walking towards your dreams, if you have let them slide, re-member them, apologize to those you have hurt, intentionally or not, forgive those that have hurt you, and appreciate your every breath, your now moment..

We made a fire in the paddock last night to celebrate and to cleanse, to re-new the energy in our sphere.. The day was full of rain and dark clouds, sunshine and wind, peace and serenity, it had it all, as night fell the clouds threatened more rain, but they departed leaving a brilliant clear shiny sparkly sky, a truly magical moment.. The fire was warm and soothing and I realised once again that the more time we are in nature, the more time we spend deep in nature, in the wilderness, the more whole we feel, the more unified and appreciative we naturally feel to be part of the divine. There is no book, no guru that can impart what nature can, too often we seek solace in others, in technology, entertainment, food, relationships, when in actuality all lies within, all lies within the matrix of nature and our harmonious connection….

Blissings to your journey ahead, love from my heart to yours, peace from my mind to yours 🙂


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