Raw Food Forest Tribe

The Seed of Paradise begins inside us, what we are within we create outside. I decided it was time to make a series of videos that explain and explore my Space of Love and the Raw Food Forest I am creating. Call it being organised, so the below video is Part 1, outlining my purpose and dreams, the pathway to creating and growing a Food Forest and community, a tribe.

After much research and nature time I realise now that the successful foundations for my dreams rest upon the Raw Food diet. By eating Raw Food we are eating food perfectly created by nature for humans, there is no useless packaging that pollutes the environment, need for industry, corporation, greed, military, competition, no need to cook, preserve, rubbish etc. Through a Raw Food diet we live more harmoniously with our environment and each other, and this is the pillar that I see which will hold the vision of a beautiful and radiant tribe, a community that lives in love and peace, in sanctuary and care, compassion and joy. This life is Summed up in the term “A Space of Love” so eloquently explained and expressed by Anastasia in the Ringing Cedar Series..

A Raw Food Forest is the living creation of a Space of Love, a safe sanctuary where family live generation after generation. “Whenever Man walked through the Space of his own creation, his free thought could create or work out plans on the scale of the Universe. Temptingly beautiful fruit surrounded him.” The book of Kin, The Ringing Cedar Series

The time has come to dive in, to live in paradise to drop the habits of a dysfunctional society that lives by the clock through linear time/money/greed/consumption. “Western cultures are based on the Sumerian/Babylonian time divisions, which cause them to be apocalyptic” Barbara Hand Clow – Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions. It’s time to love, to do no harm, to live in authenticity and for most this requires radical change and transformation. We need to get back to the seasons, the Sunshine, the Stars, Earth, Wind, Rain, Lightning, Animals…. It’s time to choose nature, to be natural, to live in harmony with the Universe with eachother.. It’s time to live the wisdom and vision that is On-A-Star-See-Ya :)))))))


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